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workbench_resized.jpgWhat's on your work bench?

This is the official topic for images and friendly chatter regarding that all important surface, the personal statement of your shop, the steadfast friend we can always count on, the space of your shop that nobody knows better than you, we are talking about the almighty "Work Bench".


Submit your images now!

That's right, don't clean it up, don't be embarrassed, the messier the better, or if there is nothing on it at all, that is fine too. If you have not touched your bench in years, and you have taken a break from woodworking and have boxes piled on it, we want that image too! All images are welcome.


Spirit of Topic

This is a Hit-n-Run topic, as you walk past your bench, whip out your camera or smart phone, and snap a shot, load it up here. No need for text explanations if you don't want too. To kick this off, walk out in your shop and snap a picture of your bench surface now, and lets get this topic rolling.


This will be an ongoing topic, for you to share images of your bench top today, and every day.


Types of benches

Some of us have small benches, some of us have big benches, some of us use a space in our dining room, some may have a picnic table they use for a bench, and some of us may have a bench of all benches, the traditional joiners bench, or a beautiful full cabinet shakers bench.

No matter what you call your work surface, no matter what your work surface looks like, we want to see images of your bench!


Thank you in advance to the participants!

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20 minutes ago, Gene Howe said:

It's been worser.

I used to use the foam at our Scenic Arts department at Sea World when I worked there years ago as a scenery carpenter, it was really convenient to be able to just throw a sheet of ply up on the bench, and not worry about the blade depth of the Skilsaw we used, and just cut right through the panels without worrying about the bench-top. Nice setup! Same as using a jig saw.

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