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Part 4:



Part 4:


With the legs finished, it was time to create the aprons, shelf supports, and stretchers. These were all made from 1” thick poplar. The apron was 5” wide and the remaining pieces were 3” wide. The tenons were all done on the table saw. First establishing the shoulders-


apron and stretcher tenon shoulders.JPG


apron shoulder 1.JPG



shoulders cut.JPG



I have an old Delta tenoning jig that makes quick work of making the tenon cheek cuts. However, the length of the long aprons and shelf supports exceeded the distance between my table saw and the ceiling. Looks like a job for the dado blade.

I used the same setup here, as I did for the shoulder cuts, the rip fence with a “depth stop” and the miter gauge. My table saw is a right tilt model (old Bridgewood) but due to space limitations I had to move the rip fence to the “other side” of the blade to be able to make these cuts.


tenon test cut.JPG



tenon test cut 3.JPG



After a couple of adjustments, the tenon thickness was what I was looking for.


tenon test.JPG



test fit 1.JPG



Now just run all of the pieces for the tenon thickness


A blade height adjustment to establish the tenon width.


tenon test cut 4.JPG



tenon test cut 5.JPG


That’ll do


tenon actual fit.JPG


Finally, run the pieces, again, to finish the tenons.


tenons done.JPG


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