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steven newman

Shaker Style End Table

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Can't wait for more. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Good start...looking forward to seeing this come together...

Since you were gone and hopefully ate too much, you gave the Dungeon a day to R&R.;)

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Steven "Forward Progress" Newman - glad my wife don't read this site, she would be wondering why I can't do more & faster...

Great progress Steve!

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10 hours ago, steven newman said:


Either use the backsaw....or..:ChinScratch:

That shore is a purty handle on that backsaw.


Coming along very nice. Enjoying the build and all the pics. Thanks!

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I really only have two permanently built Jigs....one for mortise work...and the guide fence....both are easy enough to build, anyone can make their own copy, IF they want..


May try later today, and see what trouble I can get into :rolleyes: Might be some cussing involved...:ArguingSmileys::BangingHead:

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OK...LOTS of cussing going on...:ArguingSmileys: happens when grain does not want to cooperate.....


Moved things around a bit, cleared off the tablesaw....


Took two  fence settings..but these four are now 1-1/4" wide...rip the worse off first, reset and a thinner section to final width...Had to find the push stick...


Reset the fence, again..just a hair over 3/4" wide....wanted to thin the 4 down a bit...


Some were a tad too thick....reset again to final thickness...


All the same size, and they are straight.  Like the push stick?  These do have some nice grain, though..


Done with the tablesaw.  Lowered the blade all the way.   Set the table's top on the saw.   Then, somehow set the base on top of that..( only lost one clamp) so the feet were on the top of the panel....largest flat spot in the shop:rolleyes:....neded a way to set the height of the bottom shelf...


Just a couple 1 x 4s...that happen to be the same length.   I can set a rail on the blocks..


Move the rail until the tenons to be were about equal,  mark a line for the angle needed...set that abgle up on the mitre box...


Make a few shoulder cuts...


Haven't measured it..might be about 5 degrees?  Handsaw to make the cheek cuts


Then make the other cuts..chisel to trim as needed..


Got the first rail done ( maybe) checked for fit...


Was able to set the angles with a square...


Helped speed things up...more test fits...


All the tenons are done.....but, the rails weren't...yet....Second task was bead work....:OldManSmiley:


Trying to hold the part still, long enough to mill a bead was bad enough:ArguingSmileys: but...


But each rail needed two  :BugEyeSmiley: and the long rails were even worse...:DevilLaughing:


Was no simple, easy way to hold these...without that fence hitting something:PullingHair: somehow got the beads completed...wasn't done, yet:o


Set up the Wards #78..needed a rebate to house the plywood panel that will be the shelf...lot of cussing going on..:angry:


Got to the last rebate...:JawDrop:why didn't the other three cut this nice?   Was getting rather tired, anyway, about time to close up..


Maybe tomorrow, I can cobble a gauge block to mark out mortises with...only need 8 chopped:rolleyes:  May get a second dry fit  so I can cut the plywood to size?

Stay tuned....:cowboy:

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You get more done with hand tools in half a day that I can do in a week with power tools...and it looks darn good too!

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9 hours ago, Grandpadave52 said:

You get more done with hand tools in half a day that I can do in a week with power tools...and it looks darn good too!

What he said...:)

Edited by Cal

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4 hours of shop time today..:OldManSmiley:...3 hours of it spent cussing...:ArguingSmileys:.

made a little gauge block..


To set where the rail mortises will go...one edge goes to the outside of the leg, "X" marks the bottom of the leg...1640467859_flippedover.jpg.5ff844bd71a8cb2c50f993af9f0773b5.jpg

Marked each side..depending on which leg I'm on. 


First, I had to get this laid down, and clamped into place...and ducking clamps.:PullingHair:.set up the gauge block..


Trace around the inside..once the edge was lined up with the edge of the leg..and chop a hole


1 done #2 being laid out...usual suspects..:ph34r::cowboy:


2nd mortise done..Gather all these toys up..and flip the mess over.  There was a problem with that longer chisel...legs above the work area were too close


4 done, 4 to go...was a PITA to flip this onto the narrow sides..all them clamps getting in the way..:ArguingSmileys:


get the two on the bottom done..flip this thing over...


And do the last two...tried to pull things square...clamp didn't want to stay put..:BangingHead:.we have ways of squaring things up..:DevilLaughing:


Glue and screws to install one at each corner. 


Might have these a tad too deep on the counter-bores....can add a few washers to fix.  :rolleyes:


And that was enough for one day....going to need a few extra hands ( beer involved?) when the glue-up  starts...should have just enough clamps...and glue


Wasn't too bad a day....no blood spilled...nothing thrown across the shop..yet:ph34r:  Only item left on the list?  cut the plywood to size...think I'll wait until AFTER the clamps come off...:rolleyes:


Stay tuned..:cowboy:

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The real fun can begin tomorrow....when I tear this mess all the way down, sand things smooth,,,may run the cove bit  a little:JawDrop:Pictures will be taken, names changed to hide the guilty:BugEyeSmiley:

stay tuned

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Another good day in he shop. Love the extra detail you've put into this one.

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Fun times....not.  Spent as much time cussing as I did working:ArguingSmileys:

The mid rail...


More on this thing in a bit...


On this one, I can use an Allen Wrench through the base, to raise or lower the bit's depth of cut.  Besides sanding all the parts, the legs needed a pair of cove milled


The 4th corner won't be seen, so was sanded a bit rounded.  Once one complete end was sanded, and routed...a little glue, and a couple clamps were used


Plan being to get the ends glued up tonight....less hassles for tomorrow.  Second end had..issues:BangingHead:

In order to route the coves,,I needed to remove the aprons and rails....one end of the apron left part of it's tenon IN the mortise:angry:


Got everything else done...glued the thing up...anyway..


The two longer rails were counter-bored, and then a pilot hole for a screw...as close to the middle of each rail as I could get...and trying to center the hole into the fatter section of the mid rail....thought a waxed screw would make it's own pilot hole into the ends of the rail....snap...decided to use a small drill to do pilot holes...


Got the rails all joined together with a dab of glue, and the screws...set the "H" aside...as that is it's shape..


Here is half of the corner blocks.   counter-bores were too deep on these 4...added washers and a screw...making sure the screw didn't drive too deep..bad form to have the point of a screw poking out the side...Dry fits...


Yes, there was a knot over there, that the router just had to play with :PullingHair: You can see the mid rail location.  Made sure things would fit...then preset a few pipe clamps


I wanted to get these pipe clamps set up, rather than fumble around with them tomorrow during the glue up..

Cleared an area to work in, swept the floor...


About the largest space I have in the shop..I also found a little of this..


One to make a couple tapered plugs with, the other for a pair of 1/4" x 1/4" strips, to fill in at the ends of the middle rail..

Going to be a rough,mean old, busy day tomorrow...hope the Dungeon Creek doesn't show up, too.    Supposed to get Thunderstorms Saturday....

Stay tuned, and wear ear plugs...:DevilLaughing:


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Well...first part of the glue up was done on the bench....glue on all tenons, assemble the parts.  2 pipe clamps to pull things tight, add the corner block for the bottom section..


Set it down onto the floor, checking to see how badly it rocks....about normal, for me:rolleyes:

F style clamps were now in the way....


All clamped up tight..and out of square at the top :angry:  Clamp to cure that...but the top pipe clamps had to move a bit..


Needed a spot for the diagonal clamp to grab onto...once things were squared up...


These corner blocks could be installed around the top.   These will get slotted holes to attach the top of the table with..screws and a washer or three:rolleyes:

With all the rain going on today....


East Branch of the Dungeon Creek started up....needed to hoist the glue-up, up out of the way.


Dang clamps weigh more than the base does....but, at least it's dainty feet won't get wet B)

Problem?    Seems this is sitting on the top that I need to work on:DevilLaughing:  Doubt IF I can slide it out...


Good thing I don't need the saw for a day or two :ChinScratch:

Need plywood cut to fit, two plugs made, and installed.  Inlay strips made and installed...and that top made ready to install....smoothed, flattened, edge details...the usual..:cowboy:


Stay tuned....:GoodNight:

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