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  1. Looking around for ideas, found this one sitting in the dinning room window sill... Along with a writing desk...figured IF I change a couple details...like make the drawers 4" deep...and the sides into Frame & Raised Panel...hmmmm.. There is a Mystery board in the latest stash.. Is the 1 x 8...Ash..or...White Oak? Them be Ray Flecks... Have a few defects to work around... At least in the 1 x 6 shorts...and one end will need trimmed up. Yep, THAT one.. Next, decide which to use.. As either raised panels, or, the 4" deep drawer fronts...either way, both will be 4" wide...have to decide how LONG to cut them... Will need 4 stiles, just have to figure out how TALL this case will be...and then how long to make the rails... Starting tomorrow, when I haul a couple 1 x 6s to the shop...and the "Timer" set at 90 minutes...we'll see how much cussing will be needed.. Stay tuned...
  2. This is my first attempt at a "beads of courage" box. It's also the first time I've turned something using staves. There are no miters as we normally think of them. Rather, the pieces are joined using a birds mouth bit. I think it came out just a little too big but I like how the walnut and ash look together. I left the flats on the inside of the box. Two reasons, first and most important, it was easier that way!! Secondly, I liked the way it looked. It's hard to see how the staves nest together in the finished picture so here's some cutoffs to show that. It's a neat method, they nest together without the slippage of a normal miter joint and provide a little more surface area for gluing.
  3. Ok..first two planks have arrived in the shop... Need to be cut down a bit...to 41" strong... As they are both too long...will be a rough sort of cut, for now.. Speed square to mark out @ 41"...the cut-off? Kind of "Fugly"? other board was only 8" too long..but the board was tapered...so, I cut the wider end...Next Finished length will be around 40" or so...this allows me to trim the ends square. These were run through as a rip cut..rip one edge, with the "better (Straighter) edge" against the fence...then flip the boards over, move the fence a blade's width closer to the blade..run run the freshly sawn edge against the fence...result is what you see here. Next, find the center point..5-1/2" divide by 2..= 2.75"..set this from the fence to the center of the saw blade.. These will be the 4 corner posts of the case. a 32nd shy of the 2.75..but they all are the same.. Letting them get used to the shop...as I need to figure out the sizes of 6 pairs of rails...and 10 raised panels... The corner posts? This is from another SMALLER chest of drawers, also built for the Bedroom..I have to mill the rails, and the raised panels, yet....more planks to the shop Right now, the Dryer is making the shop a bit too warm to work in. Looks like I have had a BUSY day, so far? Stay tuned..
  4. I posted a couple weeks ago about a shop contacting me to make drop spindles which are used in spinning wool. There are two basic components, the "whorl" which is pretty easy and quick to do. The shaft, which is a little problematic. The shaft needs to be about 12" long and around 5/16" diameter. Kind of difficult and tedious to turn and with a small margin I need to turn them as quickly as possible. Looking for options I bought a dowel jig that uses a drill motor to create a dowel. It works but I got more tearout than I liked, especially on woods like oak or ash. I then did some searching and watched some videos about using a table saw to make dowels. You read that right, you can make a dowel or spindle using your table saw. It works, and it works pretty darn good. Pretty nice finish which will require just a little sanding and it's pretty consistent as far as diameter Produce_5.mp4
  5. When last seen...this pile was needing some work ( Rehabs got in the way) So...today's Tasks was to dovetail the back corners...and see about a base for it to sit on.... Lay out a few pins...saw a few pins.. Chop out the waste...outside face first... Chop down about halfway...flip over.. The chopping was done on a piece of 3/4" plywood.....that needed flattened once it was tied down to the bench.. Put to work fresh out of rehab.... Used the completed pins to lay out the matching tails....bandsaw the waste out between the lines..ON the WASTE side of the lines.....the more of each line I leave, the tighter the joint.. First dry fit.. Not too hateful? Repeat the above for the other corner... Getting better? This is to be the back of the case...the front will have a couple shallow drawers, and the front of a tray under the lid. Will fit up the drawers next time.....while I am getting the panel for the base square up and leveled...right now? It is waiting on glue to dry....6 strips, resawn to ~5/8" thick, edges ripped square and parallel... Double cauls to try to keep things close to flat.....toes were starting to cramp up, Mountain Dew Zero was about empty....time to stop for the day... Stay tuned....it just night get "Very Interesting"...
  6. While Norm used Teak for the bench he built in the New Yankee Workshop....I just don't have his budget.....so.. I think Ash will do nicely enough...as this bench will reside in the Gazebo, instead of Russ Morash's Garden..... Need to clean off the bench in my shop, first...then some layout work for the 2 back legs....need 4 pieces, as I will be gluing the legs up from 2 pieces. have to figure a good height for the seat....to locate where to start the bend for the back of the bench.... Stay tuned....
  7. When my daughter Grace was younger my Aunt gave her this puzzle with her name on it. I decided I should put in a frame to preserve it for her. I made a box for the cardboard box the puzzle came as well. I’ll probably hold on to it until she has her first child. Hopefully that’ll be awhile. Don’t think she’ll be much on it now since she’s just turning 16.
  8. Sorted the last of the Ash scraps...resaw most of it down.. Sorted out for 4 slabs at the same thickness....ripped those to the same width...as for squaring the ends... Mitre gauge set to 80 degrees? 2 long sides, and a pair of ends....10 degree bevel complicates things a bit, though.. Guess I can't use this square...have another to use.. Also to lay out through dovetails... Gave an old saw another try... Jackson Backsaw... then chop out the waste... Trace around these Pins, to lay out the tails...saw and chop...dry fit.. Then repeat for the next corner....until... All 4 are done. Stay tuned, more to come...
  9. 7.5x2. Burnt with a torch, wire bushed, ebonized, embellishing wax, rattle can glaze. Turned from an ash crotch found in a firewood pile. There were lots of cracks and repairs needed after drying making this particular piece of wood a candidate for the rough treatment above. .40
  10. A while back, on a Walk-about...picked this old cutting gauge.. Got to checking it out...thumbscrew did not want to tighten down on the arm...Threads were basically stripped out... The area where the knife blade is held in place with a wedge...Had split the end of the arm in two places... The sliding part, called the head, does NOT slide all the wat back..stops about 1/2 way there...and binds up. There is also a crack in it.. Plan is to replace the arm..and the worn out thumbscrew....Try to glue the cracked head back together. Will then try a brass threaded insert, and a new thumbscrew.... Main question would be how long to make the new arm? thinking maybe 12"...so I can reach the middle of most panels I make... This might take a few days.... Stay tuned...
  11. That time again...time to clean the place up.. Sort through a few stacks..found some decent ones? Might come in handy...others? By the time all the bad stuff the cut away...this is what is left from one plank from upstairs...way too much bark and knots,,and holes.. There is a 1 x 6 x 2' that is just one big knot....other items.. Will meet up with the one on the right... All the further the tablesaw blade could reach...run the rip saw down the kerf to get some use out of these...throw the worst scraps out.. Then it become a puzzle as to how to put these all together into a project...might need some of these? We'll see... Stay tuned...
  12. Well, the Boss wants a shelf under her end table....to replace that UGLY, plastic tub with a lid thingy....and wants the shelf a bit lower, too.. Hauled 3 planks to the shop.. Yeah...I have seen better ones... Going to take some selective cutting.. Some will be heading for the burn barrel...lay out a bunch of cut lines... As I need 3 @ 1 x 6 x 26", and 6@ 1 x 6 x 12" Goal being to have a 1 x 16 x 26" panel for the shelf, and two panels @ 1 x 16 x 12" for the legs....was a bit awkward to use the tablesaw, so.. We have ways...Disston No. 112, 7ppi crosscut. And a VERY COMFY, well worn handle...I cut the 26" long pieces first.. These are rough sawn...will need a bit of work to get flat and smooth...right now, this is a bit too wide.. Then, whatever was left over, was cut up for the leg blanks.. For right now, I'll set these aside, and work on the main panel... Cleared for action. Need a Jointer.. Junior Jack to help out... One of the 3 blanks was narrower than the other 2, made that the center of the panel. I Jointed both edges, and then flattened both faces...As for the other 2...also got face planed..but..only one edge was jointed...as the other edgewas getting a little trim....about 3/4" ..then it was jointed... Flipped the board around a few times..looking for the best match of the grain... Work in Progress...2 out of 3...left one? May get moved a bit more....as for how close to 16" width? Close enough for the girls I run around with... Sunday Morning...Clamps & Cauls...even brought a NEW glue bottle to the shop! Middle... Other end.. And a view of the top.. So..how well does the grain line up? letting this sit a day or 2...right now, it needs to be off of my tablesaw...as I will be needing it, again... Note on the clamps...2 go under, out near the ends..the 3 goes over, and is about centered....seems to work best for the large panels I make... Stay tuned..
  13. I have been grabbing some scraps and making small bowls and enjoying it. Trying different looks and some beading too. First one is Quilted Maple 3 1/3" diameter. Had this small piece for a long time. Found it in a stump I was removing out back many years ago. Second one is Ash from another tree out back. 4" diameter. Next one is Elm that came from the firewood pile also 4" diameter.
  14. Hi everyone ! I started carpentry a year and a half ago, i'm kinda proud to present you my first solo project : a wooden bar made with some ash olive tree ! The size is 1800 x 1100 x 520 (in mm), it took me 80H to complete it. Tell me what do you think about it, if you like it or not and how can i be better I also made a video on how i made it if you are curious : https://youtu.be/LBACC3ERal0 Thank you for your help ! Paul cant find how to put some pictures :'((
  15. Still had some leftovers...hauled the Ash 1 x 6 to the shop.. Cut in half, lengthwise...figured I could book match the 2 into a panel....needed to joint the edges a bit..first.. As I didn't want any gaps.. Like this....makes it hard to glue up.... Let this sit a few days.... Floor's a mess. panel is out of the clamps...cleaned up, flattened...edges were made parallel....then found the center, and made the panel into 2 side panels.. There was a Problem...as things had to be cut at an angle.... And then some feet had to be cut out...there are 2 blanks sitting here, BTW Had to match them up...some of the edges were a bit ..rough We have ways.. Things were short enough, that the Junior Jack could act as a Jointer...then leave this mess in the vise and clamps a few days.. And let them get used to the shop.....seems they wanted to bow a wee bit....fixed that problem... That will catch things up until this morning..stay tuned...
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