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  1. Well, I did have a slab of Ash left over from the Tool Chest build... Too big for a box project, too small for much else. But, IF I can resaw this down a bit...maybe a box could be made? It is laying on the tablesaw because this is how a resaw begins in this shop. I set the rip fence to about center of the board ( 7/8" thick =~3/8"?). Needed to set the blade up almost as high as it could go...without bogging down.. Think of this as a powered kerf saw...where other use a plane that makes a kerf cut to guide a big frame saw...Bandsaw? Ah..nope. Mine leaves more waves than the English North Sea..Goal here is to run a kerf all the way around...keeping the same face to the fence....and hope the board isn't too cupped.. This one was just a hair cupped. at least on this end..the other? Was a little "fun" to hold upright...but wait, there's more....about 3-4" down the center needs sawn...saw blade can't reach THAT deep...and the bandsaw is too narrow of kerf to follow the tablesaw's kerf....so... Something like this. Leg vise, aided by that c clamp...slight angle to help the saw. The saw? A Disston D8, 5-1/2 ppi, 28" long RIP saw. Olde School. If one buys 28" of saw blade, one is expected to USE 28" of saw blade....so, after 5 minutes of saw work.. Got this far. Goal is to get as close to the top of the bench, flip the board over and saw down from the other end...started to bind a bit here..we have ways. Nothing fancy... Just some 1/4" scrap plywood..that other saw laying there? Disston D-112, 7 ppi, 26" handsaw...some do use it as a rip saw...but... That be more of a cross cut saw...and cuts slower....time to flip things over... I leave the wedge in place...so the leg vise won't close the kerf up too much...this is the start point...3 minutes later... Just syeady, full length strokes, not looking for speed, just making sure the saw tracked with the kerf....again, started to bind a bit...need a wedge.. Wasn't very much longer, a minute or two...then a "pop". Note all the saw dust? Got the saw out of the board, went to hang it up, out of the way....it bounced back down onto my arm.. Ow! Saw WAS going to get hung up! Along with the crosscut saw...as for the slabs? Not quite a book match? Waiting on a plane to flatten and smooth these 2....then we'll see what happens. This small board has been kerfed, and waiting it's turn....may leave that angled end? Maybe a "Salt Box" set of ends? grain is running the wrong way... And...that is how I resaw here in the shop....thanks for looking in...
  2. Hauled a few planks to the shop...wanted enough to make 2 panels.....Not the best looking boards....but at ~$0.80 per Bft...oh well....Wanted 6 planks ~ 24" long... Cut out some of the worst spots.. Not too much I can do with these...maybe burn them? Edges were a bit wavy....so, set up the tablesaw's rip fence.. Idea being slide the best edge along the fence, and just skim off the wavy stuff...mark THAT freshly sawn edge.. With an "X"....reset the fence a 1/4"....slide the edge with the X along the fence... And now I have a second straight edge, parallel to the first edge....But....3 boards made a wide panel..too wide...2 of the planks had some bad areas...reset the fence.. And we have a filler strip. 2 wide planks were at 10-1/4" for the width...had some gaps to clean up, too...so (hand tool time!) Clamp a board to the bench, and get out the Cordless No.6 Jointer... Stanley No. 6 Small Jointer Plane. Then check for gaps... Repeat for the other wide board.... No gaps...Clear of the tablesaw, we have more work for it to do.... Set out 2 pipe clamps...moosh some glue around....add the upper/middle clamp..still no gaps....added cauls at both ends, to keep things flat...then back to the bench.. need to prep these for a glue up...once Panel No1 is done. Again, No. 6 Jointer at work.. No gaps? And.... Not too bad? Again..it is just sitting there, no glue, no clamps nor braces (don't sneeze!) haven't decided on how wide, how tall, what size drawers, or how many.....and what kind of lid...got all of August to figure it out.. Single Brain Cell Sketch Up.....stay tuned
  3. Table project is done...still had some bits & pieces left sitting around. Not enough for a large project, too thick for a small box project.....figured I could thin them down a bit....from ~ 3/4" thick to ~ 3/8" or so thick....Bandsaw seems to refuse to do such work, though....I could set up the tablesaw's rip fence, with the blade all the way up, maybe? Yep, that's as far as it goes up...saw uses an 8-1/4" blade, after all. Not quite high enough...even on the narrowest board (1) that I had.. "Missed it by that much, Chief"....Well..I could run all the scraps through, on all 4 edges...to give a saw a kerf to follow..but, what saw? Well, I do happen to have a D8 Rip saw handy....give it a try.. Had to watch, that I did NOT saw the vise, too....because these tend to "pop" open.. Was able to get the 3 shorter planks sawn this way.. The 3 longer ones? Meh....clamped them up a little differently....needed a bit MORE elbow room... 28" of saw...I want to use the entire 28" in each stroke....less work, goes faster..I went until the last 2" or so...turn the board end for end, and saw from the other end.. My Cardio Workout for today...tomorrow, I figure a way to plane these flat....with a hand plane... Will give me about 12 parts....all at 3/8" thick. Beats going down to Lowes, and BUYING their "Project Lumber".Not sure IF I'll need to do the same with these... Wild grain filler strips. We'll see what is needed. Wipe the 100 year old saw down, and hang it back up. Until the next time. Debating on a box for either the 4 spokeshaves, or...the Stanley No. 80 Scraper.....one or the other? Stay tuned..
  4. New Gazebo is sitting out back, already have a few chairs and planters....comes time to sit my Guinness down...no place....need to correct that oversight... Have some 1 x 6 x 4' Ash lumber...and some 1 x 6 x 75" Ash lumber....three boards each....should be enough. Weight restrictions until Saturday...nothing over 10 pounds....means three boards head to the shop...one at a time... With the worst of these 3 on top....Looking for around 30" of decent lumber....looking along the edge.. Hmmm. we have ways..need to trim the ends a bit.. Yep, that's gotta go....other end? Yep, knot has got to go...splits go, too...set up a saw bench...can't run the circular saw, right now... Get the Disston D-112 down from the hook... Doesn't take all that long...those 2 scraps were headed for the build pile...Square to see how well the saw operator did... Don't think a shooting board will be needed, today. Used this cut plank to lay out #2.. Again, looking for the best section....this time, it was closer to one end... Nice when using a saw, you can look along the saw plate.. And see "Reflections of.."( saw is almost 100 years old, BTW) Got #3 cut to about 30"...and laid the 3 out on the bench.. This is going to take a bit of work.....tablesaw to remove the worst of the curves....not all, just the worst..try again.. I can start pushing Jointer Planes this Saturday morning...goal is, to get the top glued up and sitting off to the side....while I build 4 legs. There MIGHT be a drawer involved...need a place to store coasters, right? Have not decided on a bread board end thing.....maybe, maybe not... Stay tuned...( for those keeping track..1.5 hours of shop time, today)
  5. That what my Daughter wants built. Something to hang or stand near a wall, and hold a few towels...Ooooh, Kay.. So, hauled a plank to the shop.. No room for a 7' long plank...we have ways.. Clear down on the end...handsaw is working on removing a short piece of scrap.. Was trying to do the splits. Measure from this nice, square, defect free end..about 50" more or less...Was trying to avoid.. This Problem Child...so.. Just missed it. Since I had a more manageable plank, I could use the tablesaw..instead of.. This saw....Needed to straighten out an edge first.. Then rip the remainder into 2 equal sections.. And now I have the 2 sides for the ladder. But, a ladder needs rungs, right... There were 2 boards left over in the shop, reset the rip fence a bit narrower.. A kept out the best 5 of the mess....Now, ladder sides tow in at the top, going from 18" at the bottom, to ~13" at the top..oh joy, angled tenons. First, need an angle to set to..we have ways. . About 18" later, and the other end is laid out, as well. need to set the mitre guage to that angle ( ~12 degrees) And make 10 cuts... Then laid the shoulder cuts... Had to reset things to do the other half of these..then attempt the cheek cuts.. Mitre gauge back to 90 degrees, too.. Then over to the bench, to clean up each tenon... Olde School Ways....small hammer, and a SHARP chisel... So...all 10 tenons are now done...3 hours in the shop, everything now hurts...time to stop for today Stay tuned..
  6. This thread is classic me LOL (laughing with/at me is encouraged). So the other night after work, I’m sitting in my La-Z-Boy, trying to make it appear I’m still awake. I hear “Honey, can you make me one of these?” I ask, “What is it?” She replies “It’s a quilting clapper.” Silly me, I think that’s what turns on a quilting machine when you clap your hands. So I look at a picture of a block of wood she is showing me, and I’m like yeah, I can make you a block of wood LOL. Apparently you use these to flatten out seams, with an iron (and said block of wood). So I go online and some guy makes them, and shares the plan. hardwood, 2-3 inches wide and thick, 12 inches long. His are 3 inches wide at one end, and 2 inches wide at the other end. No gluing, no finishing. Guess I talked myself into not taking it too seriously, due to its ease of completion. So today I wander over to the closest Woodcraft, and pick up Mrs Ash, 3 x 3 x 36. I get her home and introduce her to Mr chopsaw. Now she has two sisters. I get out me compass and draw a 3 inch half circle on one end, and a 2 inch one on the other end. Find a straight edge, and connect the half circles. Figger I only need to do this once, I’ll use the first one to trace on the other two. Oh yeah, I figgered that since I’m making one, I may as well make three, the Missus, my sister, and another of the Missuss’s friends, who quilts. Well this is the first time I’ve worked with Ash, and the first time I’ve really worked with anything 3 inches thick. Also first time I’ve used the bandsaw on anything thicker than 3/4. I found out that my bandsaw is not square to the table. Since I had talked myself into this being an easy project (Which it certainly should have been, had I taken it seriously enough to make sure everything was square) I traced out the other two blanks, cut them on Mr Bandsaw. Woke up Mr SS Beltsander and spent some time trying to undo the appearances my unsquare bandsaw had produced. First time using the Shopsmith belt sander, I usually can get the job done with the strip sander. Mrs Ash and her sisters then had an appointment with Mr Router Bosch, who gave them a groove down the middle of each side, so the ladies can easily hold them. Tomorrow they have appointments with brother Mr ROS Bosch for a whole lot of sanding. I really wanted these to be 3 identical, perfectly radiused, straight edged, but assumed everything was gonna go smoother than it did. Next time I will take my EASY project more seriously, use a square, and NOT RUSH. This thread is only for entertainment purposes and is not looking to solicit any you’ll do better next time, replies.
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