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  1. From the album: Big Ash Mallet

    All the edges of the mallet were chamfered with my block plane and the handle of the mallet of was shaped using my draw knife and a card scraper.
  2. John Morris

    Just a Fun Image

    From the album: Big Ash Mallet

    Here is a fun picture showing the hand tools I used to help make this mallet, it took a combination of my table saw to make the slots, the shoulder plane to clean up the slots, the miter saw to cut the blanks at 5 degrees, and my hand tools to shape and make it interesting.
  3. That simple, little table has been delivered to a friend of mine's house,today.....time to clear the beck for action.. Haul 4 planks to the shop... And sort out for the best grain for a table top.. Thinking about the center 2 planks...the one on the left? Will get used as apron stock/drawer front....Need to cut things down to a more manageable size. Can't use the tablesaw, and can't use the mitreboxes just yet.. Have to do the saw work here....need enough blanks to make a 24" x 24" table top panel....mark out a line.. And get the saw down and ready to go.. Should do the trick? A "Cordless" saw.....I just happen to be the "motor" Waiting til Supper settles, then start some Cardio? Table will have a drawer, this time around...will need wider aprons on 3 sides... Stay tuned...
  4. Hauled the last of the Ash planks to the shop...took 2 trips...to get the 4 boards downstairs, and laid out on the tablesaw's top...2 planks were selected to provide the blanks for the top of a table..the other 2.... Will be for legs, and aprons...These 4 boards average 7/8" x 5-1/2" x 6'5" long Can't use the tablesaw to cut the blanks for the top panel...we have "other" ways.. Disston D-100, 26" long, 7ppi...Cardio Workout, anyone? Length of the 4 blanks is 33"....the 4 blanks would make a panel 22-1/2"....until I can mill them down a bit....wavy edges, tapered....one end would be 5-1/2" wide, the other would be 6" wide.. Something like this. have the four blanks clamped together, to let them get used to each other.... These were saw at the bench....was a bit rough to do....working on a 5' long bench...cutting up 6'5" boards Wound up clamping the plank across the width of the bench, down by the vise... I did have about 18 photos...somehow, in the processing..the computer deleted them all..even the Camera's card That "file" does NOT exist, now? Had to go back to the shop, and take these 4 new pictures.. There is a Plant stand, made of a bunch of sticks....that sits in the front window.....cats on Squirrel/Bird Patrol keep knocking it over, spilling planters everywhere...this table is replace that stand.... Well it IS a start..stay tuned
  5. Every now and then, I need to thin the herd....Lots of cut-offs, thin strips...leftovers...decided to sort through the messy mass.. Too thin, toss....too short (ex-cauls) toss....BIG knots and splits...tossed...which left... These...plus a few "panels" 4 decent ones and a slim one...plus a chunky (can't say FAT) block.. That I could resaw into 3 or 4 strips? Set up the rip-fence on the Zero Clearance Overlay....space between the blade and the fence was ~1/2"...and ran the entire pile through....slices that were way too thin ,were tossed. I did have a shop made thin strip push stick...couldn't find it...made a new one.. And this was the results...some turned out to be 1/4" thick...Might make dividers out of them? I thought I would make a couple small boxes out of this mess...maybe Today's Follies? Glue ups....As sawn, these weren't "tall" enough to make much more than a tray...so.. Match up two longer strips...add glue and 2 clamps..will be either a front or a back..next.. Get 2 more strips ready for glue & clamps....that MIGHT be a lid under there.. Along with 2 for the ends.... So much for using the tablesaw any more, today...let these sit a day....then try for box #2's parts.. Might take a few cuts, first. Then figure out how to join the corners.... Stay tuned..
  6. Gerald

    Black & Silver

    From the album: Bowls and Platters

    Ash bowl is burned and then silver gilt cream applied. Lid is ambrosia maple embellished with a burned in leaf pattern
  7. Not for candy asses!. The maple board is 1 1/16 " thick and the backer board is 3/4" ash plywood. I should have weighted it for this is the heaviest thing I have ever cut with the scroll saw. I sprayed the stickum on yesterday so I don't have very much time left before the glue stops holding down the pattern for me to cut each piece apart. This is very hard on my old scroll saw. Its sitting on the table saw extension for size comparision. Those two drills are easy to get used to having. Smallest and lightest weight I've ever owned and all this time I wonder why I thought I needed the heaviest drills made.
  8. Hauled a few planks to the shop...wanted enough to make 2 panels.....Not the best looking boards....but at ~$0.80 per Bft...oh well....Wanted 6 planks ~ 24" long... Cut out some of the worst spots.. Not too much I can do with these...maybe burn them? Edges were a bit wavy....so, set up the tablesaw's rip fence.. Idea being slide the best edge along the fence, and just skim off the wavy stuff...mark THAT freshly sawn edge.. With an "X"....reset the fence a 1/4"....slide the edge with the X along the fence... And now I have a second straight edge, parallel to the first edge....But....3 boards made a wide panel..too wide...2 of the planks had some bad areas...reset the fence.. And we have a filler strip. 2 wide planks were at 10-1/4" for the width...had some gaps to clean up, too...so (hand tool time!) Clamp a board to the bench, and get out the Cordless No.6 Jointer... Stanley No. 6 Small Jointer Plane. Then check for gaps... Repeat for the other wide board.... No gaps...Clear of the tablesaw, we have more work for it to do.... Set out 2 pipe clamps...moosh some glue around....add the upper/middle clamp..still no gaps....added cauls at both ends, to keep things flat...then back to the bench.. need to prep these for a glue up...once Panel No1 is done. Again, No. 6 Jointer at work.. No gaps? And.... Not too bad? Again..it is just sitting there, no glue, no clamps nor braces (don't sneeze!) haven't decided on how wide, how tall, what size drawers, or how many.....and what kind of lid...got all of August to figure it out.. Single Brain Cell Sketch Up.....stay tuned
  9. New Gazebo is sitting out back, already have a few chairs and planters....comes time to sit my Guinness down...no place....need to correct that oversight... Have some 1 x 6 x 4' Ash lumber...and some 1 x 6 x 75" Ash lumber....three boards each....should be enough. Weight restrictions until Saturday...nothing over 10 pounds....means three boards head to the shop...one at a time... With the worst of these 3 on top....Looking for around 30" of decent lumber....looking along the edge.. Hmmm. we have ways..need to trim the ends a bit.. Yep, that's gotta go....other end? Yep, knot has got to go...splits go, too...set up a saw bench...can't run the circular saw, right now... Get the Disston D-112 down from the hook... Doesn't take all that long...those 2 scraps were headed for the build pile...Square to see how well the saw operator did... Don't think a shooting board will be needed, today. Used this cut plank to lay out #2.. Again, looking for the best section....this time, it was closer to one end... Nice when using a saw, you can look along the saw plate.. And see "Reflections of.."( saw is almost 100 years old, BTW) Got #3 cut to about 30"...and laid the 3 out on the bench.. This is going to take a bit of work.....tablesaw to remove the worst of the curves....not all, just the worst..try again.. I can start pushing Jointer Planes this Saturday morning...goal is, to get the top glued up and sitting off to the side....while I build 4 legs. There MIGHT be a drawer involved...need a place to store coasters, right? Have not decided on a bread board end thing.....maybe, maybe not... Stay tuned...( for those keeping track..1.5 hours of shop time, today)
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