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Finishing Up The Top



With the base finished, all that was left to do was trim out the top with the walnut edge trim. Glue, clamps and some pin nails.


I forgot to take photos of the top to apron mounting system but this Sketchup drawing should explain what I did. These are simple wooden clips with their tabs captured in slots that run around the perimeter of the inside of the aprons. The slot is 1/4" wide by 3/8" deep. The clips are cut from 3/4" thick maple and the tabs sized of a snug fit in the slots. Screws are used to secure the clip to the top. The hole is slightly over-sized and the screws are the type used for pocket holes- nice large heads.



The finished table is awaiting pickup-





The church members are going to apply the finish. If they send a picture, I'll add it here.


Thanks for following along and the very kind comments that have been posted along the way.


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Well I didn't read about the table before I condemned the lip around the top. I thought there is no way I could use a table like that in my shop . Not going in your shop I still want to ask, why the lip or whats that thing sticking up higher than the middle called ??

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33 minutes ago, JRo said:

It's looks like it would serve best as a large table for games or puzzles so that the pieces won't slide off onto the floor.  Great looking table Lew!

Thank You! Never did get a picture of the finished piece.

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