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Table saw made dovetail joinery for a drawer

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26 minutes ago, lew said:

Thanks! Did you have to have a blade specially ground or are they available for purchase?

I had made a special grind 10-deg dovetail blade.  You  can order right or left tilt grinds.

W.D. Quinn wanted $119 plus 3 days.  Forrest wanted $185 plus 6 months.  I purchased the Quinn blade.


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Thanks for posting your dovetail adventures.  Helps show that determination and clever thinking can make the best of the tools we have.   Dovetails I've seen done with jigs (like PC makes). on a router table with careful setup, on a CNC that has the ability to clamp board vertically, and hand cut with some chisel work.   Now the list grows to include using the table saw and a special blade.   I'll confess I've used a jig saw before but the outcome was less than desirable. 


With your 10 degree blade I can envision a jig with some built-in spacing mechanism to help automate the stepover needed to make perfect fitting male and female sides.  Templates could be attached for different spacing and thickness of the boards, etc.. Use the same template on both jigs, but flipped over for each jig. 


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I use dovetail grooves on drawer fronts, It will never break. Also have used it on a side table top. It also is good to join legs to stretchers.815421921_Picture013(Medium).jpg.99e243f7164aef5775862c300ef89120.jpg

This side table has no screws except to add base leg unit.




Not really hard to do but needs a lots of tests to fit properly so keep those scraps the same size as final lumber to be used.

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