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The Patriot Woodworker Annual Summer Fundraiser 2022

Winners Announced! Please click on the link above to view the winners drawn.


Larry Buskirk

Friday August 5th 2022-What's on Your Weekend Agenda?

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Was supposed to help a friend construct a base for a "wishing well" for his front yard, but he was unable to make it.   Did a bit of work to get it started after the materials run yesterday.   Wrapping up a build of bunk beds for dolls.


Saturday back to the theater shop for some more work on SpongeBob set.


Rain preventing me from mowing the yard.  Drat.


For 25+ years the woodworking club has been sending toys, 800-1200 a year, to a charity in Appalachia.  We have (sadly) been informed that they are unable to take more.  They have some left from last year and the kids are more interested in video games than shop-built toys.  Thinking back to my childhood and how few toys I had.  We were not poor, but not well-off either.  In early years we were told, "Without these toys, many of the children would have no Christmas present."  (oh, well)

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well now, all went well with dust collector right up till we fired it up, the contactor provided with control decided to break the epa rules and smoke on the job, so..........just ordered a larger hopefully more compatable one and will install tomorrow. if it arrive,s ugh, seems that big ole 4 hp collector cranked up the start amps over what it claims and well rest is history, happy days

rj in az

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