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Shaker Table Project: Legs get turned

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Well, took that 2x4 down to the shop this evening.   Laid it out between two benches,


Laid out the center lines, trying to match the thickness of the board.  Theory said it would be a square blank...ok.   Circular saw to rip somewhere alnog the middle. 


Then a cross cut at the 30" marks.  Wound up with four blanks.   Didn't even make a mark on my benchtop, either.   Stuck a bit of scrap in the vise, to hold the board off the bench


As you can see, none were square.   Ah, but ..."we have ways"


Stanley #31 Jointer plane.  Full width shavings.  A 22" try plane and a #414 Jack plane helped out.   made a mess on the bench, though


Ok, that is out of the way, Time to clear off all the junk on the lathe bench, and try to find a few lathe chisels.   That took a while.  Found the chisels, and then had to sharpen them up.  Only used 3 chisels


A 1" roughing gouge, a 1" skew, and a parting tool.   Lathe cost $90 back when I bought it at Sears, brand new!  At least it was back in the 80s...The drive belt is starting to show it's 40 years, too. 


Clamped a blank upright in the vise, combo square to mark for center, rotate, and mark again on the other end.   Hammer to drive the drive spur in place.


Mount it up in the lathe, measure down 7" from the top.   Square a line across so I can see it, and fire this thing up.   Parting tool to cut until round, then gouge and skew until the first half is done


Sanded off, too.  Slide things down and complete the leg, giving it a very slight taper at the same time.


One done three to go.  Takes about 20 minutes or so.   Soon had all four legs done.post-3502-0-09465700-1425533054.jpg

So, legs are turned.   Next up?   Well maybe a top, maybe some aprons, and we will see about a drawer, maybe.  Stay tuned to this batty channel, the fun is just starting....

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