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Found 14 results

  1. I took these ball and claw legs off of a large table in hopes of turning them in to another desk for the house..... Wife says there is no where to set something else in this house. So if you want to build it find a place for it in your shop!!!! I can't even put it in my bathroom in the shop for it only has a small trail left in there. I at least got them stripped yesterday. You can see the dark area on one leg and since it is kinda curved in at that area someone had already tried to sand the black stuff away... This was the ideal carving for me to do the top to match the legs...So for now hanging them back up is the only thing left.
  2. Well, I hope everyone is recuperating from the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holiday and that you all got at least one thing you had on Santa's List. Our Patriot Turners- @Steve Krumanaker posted a couple of bowls he recently completed. As always, Steve's design, choice of woods and finishes are impeccable . Steve's post has more images and descriptions of what he has done. Please head on over there check out the post in its' entirety- A couple of weeks ago, @hawkeye10 asked us how he could hold work pieces to make legs for a small table. He finished up the legs (and table) and it is gorgeous. There is so much great woodworking going on in his project, you just have to check it out for yourself- Here's the complete post including images of the table build- What’s Coming Up- 111 W. General Cavazos Blvd. Kingsville, Texas 78363 Click on the image for more details. For The Newbies- Big shout out to @HandyDan for the heads up on this video from Ernie Conover. It's all about drilling on the lathe. In many instances this is faster, easier and more accurate than trying to drill with a drill press. Expand Your Horizons- Back in October, @Steve Krumanaker spent a week enjoying a woodturning class from Glenn Lucas. One of the important aspects Steve mentioned was the shape of a bowl. Here's a video discussing bowl shapes. Steve stressed the importance of pleasing bowl shapes. This video is more about reading the wood and the eventual bowl shape. New Turning Items- Not exactly new but the Easy Wood Tools negative rake cutters are now available for all of the Easy Wood Tools ( @Jim from Easy Wood Tools). Craft Supplies USA has a short video demonstrating these cutters on man made materials. The finish is awesome! If your lathe doesn't have a built in indexing device, Mike Peace has a video illustrating how he built a really nice addition to his (or any) lathe. The index wheel (and a complete kit) is available from- https://www.chefwarekits.com/basket-weave-illusion-wood-burning-carving-tools/ez-index-wheel-steel-12in-dia-for-woodturning.html Everything Else- A two part video from Tim Yoder creating a hollow vessel, well sorta. Part 2 is linked from Tim's YouTube site. Safe turning
  3. My turn to brag.. This was not on my list I always take to these garage sale thingies but I know how hard it is to build 4 of these legs and match each other plus the table they go on so 30 asking price was not okay but great but, and after I complained there was no top included I got him down to 25. A slab of granite or marble will make this table after refinishing be worth 26 or more.. Its not a true antique for it has metal brackets in the corners to bolt the legs to but hey it is real carving on everything and almost sure it is mahogany wood..Some one has put a paint and glaze on it to lighten it up but hey, no problem removing that and starting all over with a good finish... Just glad the legs would still come off for we were driving the car so it would have had to stay there for someone else to mess with....the back seats will let down but might not fit all together. Different subject, seeing the microwave in the background I just wanted to say after running all the short mesquite logs through the microwave, there is no saw dust coming out of the logs anymore...Most of the time I set the timer on 7 minutes or less... Years ago I turned the inside of some wood black by too many minutes so if you have not done this before, stay close by cause you might have to put out the fire.... And if the microwave is not in the shop, you got a problem....... I was lazy the days I was microwaving the bugs for if the log was too long I just took them to the burn pile. It would have been quicker and easier to cut the logs in half with the chain saw but hey, like I said I was lazy....
  4. I just love this! Builders link here: http://www.scheublinlindeman.com/walkingtable/
  5. From the album: Steam Bending Wood

    Ash feet. One is taller than the other to allow for condensation to drain out of the box.
  6. The rear legs are now glued up today. These will sit over night before the clamps are removed. While these are setting up I'll be working on the front legs and head rest today. All the strength I have is exerted on these clamps. Then I'll wait 5 minutes and wrench them down more if there is room left.
  7. Today I am working on rough shaping the rear legs to the seat. You'll see the transitions I cut in with the bandsaw, but first I had to mark out my limit lines so I would not cut the transitions below the surface of the seat. I marked out both the top and the bottom of the seat joint areas. You can see the scribed lines for the future transitional seat joint. After I scribed the lines I used a small can for the curves. I like using things like this to mark out my work. I think that sometimes we can get so over tooled in our shops, that we often forget about the useful items around us that can get the job done. Then the curves were bandsawn to the lines, and we now have a very rough rear leg to seat transition. The legs are then tuned up and flattened where it matters, before I take a router and shape some radiuses on the leg edges. That's it for the rear legs. Thanks for looking in today!
  8. Worked for a little bit this morning, waiting on my helper to finally get up out of bed...Camera died, too. Took the van to my Mom's place, where we could work on it inside, out of the thunderstorms.....Tasks? Front and rear brake pads needed changed, tires rotated. After all of that, then come home and do a bit more wood work... That front wheel is a perfect fit. Legs are now all the same thickness, saw marks are gone, curves look better... Layout tools to mark a dovetail.... Carried a few lines done the sides, gathered a few other tools Knifeline cutter, chisels, chisel pusher....somewhere there is a #4 backsaw. Backsaw the line. Down to the other line.. Chisel away the waste. Repeat for the other side. Use this to lay out a spot on the leg Just a matter of saw the sides, and chisel out the waste. checking for fit.. Not too hateful.....repeat all those steps again for the next leg. Sometimes, things get a bit squirrelly.. Needed to add a couple pieces to help hold this thing sting. You can see the saw lines, and where I dug out an escape hole. More chop and fit, test fit, and chop some more. I also planed a "flat" where the legs will go. Finally got #2 to fit.. two down, one to go. Maybe tomorrow I can get the third one fitted? I also cut out a slat, for attaching the column to the top.. It might be a pattern for a better one, later. Right now/ I am plain tuckered out. I intend to just sit here on my foundation and have a tall glass of ice and lemonade....stay tuned..
  9. Part 3: The work space in my shop is so small that I needed to build this project in stages. With the top finished, it was time to move on to the legs of the base. The entire base frame is made from poplar and the minister is going to paint it white. His specs were for full 4” x 4” legs. I suppose I could have gotten 16/4 poplar boards but those pieces would have been so large and heavy that I don’t think I could have manhandled them through the milling processes. I started with 5/4 boards and milled enough stock for a 4 x 4 glue up. I finished out the planing/ripping the boards a little over sized in thickness and width to allow for shifts in the glue up process. Gluing up the blanks was straight forward Space and number of clamps dictated gluing one leg assembly at a time. Once all of the legs dried, the jointer and planer brought the blanks square and to the correct dimensions. Cutting the legs to length was up next. I opted to use the table saw for this operation. I have a chop saw but it is one of the very early models with a 7.5” blade- it wasn’t going to make the cut in one pass. The table saw wouldn’t make the cut in one pass either but I felt I’d have a little more control using it. I set up my cross cut sled and squared one end of each leg. Next, I added an extend stop block set for the leg length. One pass, roll the blank over, second pass- done. At this point, it was time to layout and cut the mortices in the legs. To make certain the mortices were properly oriented, I labeled everything. Some practice slots with the hollow chisel morticer. Twenty-four mortices later. The minister added the chamfer detail around the top so I thought it would look OK to continue that detail throughout the build. I would have added the chamfer around the leg feet anyway to prevent tear out if the table was slid across the floor. Some sanding left but the legs are finished.
  10. Well, took a few tries to get things done today......after fighting those brass corner plates and their tiny screws....laid the pattern rocker on it's side, clamped the pine 5/4 x4 in place to make a tracing......ooops, should have bought the 5/4 x 6 instead.. oh well, we do adapt in this shop. Adjusted things a bit. There is a way to prevent one from over-rocking. You add a recurve to the end of the rocker.. Oh, and meet my new beltsander that replaced the old B&D Dragster. Soo, I made one of these, took a break for awhile. Came back, traced a second one out, and bandsawed it to shape... not too bad. Well, according to the floor.. Twould appear that the HMS Pegleg has launched. Fit for John Silver himself......but, I needed to keep flipping this around, until.. Short leg #2 appeared. Both of the long posts, and the front short posts are now done. There is still enough of that 5/4 pine to make a crest or back rail. That sould finish up the drawknife work, Mortise and tenon jobs for a few days/weeks? Intend to cut a slot on the end of the posts, to fit over those rockers, And then add a pin through both. might work?
  11. Most of the glue ups are now done This mess will exit the clamps tomorrow, after a trip to the Doctor's office. Made some use out of the NEW Scrollsaw. I was a bit too tired to hand cut the corner blocks, so the scrollsaw did the dirty work. Was a bit hard to cut a straightline in 5/8" thick Poplar, but I got it close enough yeah, four of them.Two screws and a bit of glue. I'll come back later, and add a slot to attach the top with. Laid one piece of pine down to get a measurement for the bottom shelf Still have to cut and clean up the other half.Then add them to the bottom cleats/stretchers. Maybe then, I can start to work over that Pine top.Stay tuned for further updates...
  12. I tried to at least get the last two legs done today......road trip to take the GrandBRATS home kind of cut into shop time. I did manage to cut a few mortises in the last two legs, about half of them, anyway. This time, I kept the mating rails cloce by, and marked where each went. Also found out the the white sap wood is VERY spongy. One mortise could have been dug out with a fingernail....it also liked to split. Tried a test fit,.... It is the leg on the bottom with the sappy wood. Got out the pipe clamps, again. needed a hammer as well. Pipe clamps wanted to twist back off. Used a c clamp to keep one in place, and a lot of cussing. Finally got three pipe clamps in place. Added a few nails, trying for at least ONE through the tenon. One or two went through the sap wood and into GOOD stuff. A check of the diagonals...off by a 1/16"???? I suppose I could let that slide.....Football was on, decided to call it a night. Stacked most of the parts back on top... That rough looking 1 x3 on top? It will be one of the Breadboard edges, Need to rip a few more out of this old plank.. Might be enough left for that? I'm using that Workmate back there as a till for the wood bodied planes. Still have four more mortises to chop, and then the two halves can have a get together with Elmer? Stay tuned to this batty channel...
  13. steven newman

    Drawer End

    From the album: Pine Kitchen Island

    A look at the non-cabinet end. also has a drawer. Legs used to be 2x4s, until I ripped them down. "Silver" knob matches the rest of the kitchen's knobs
  14. Well, took that 2x4 down to the shop this evening. Laid it out between two benches, Laid out the center lines, trying to match the thickness of the board. Theory said it would be a square blank...ok. Circular saw to rip somewhere alnog the middle. Then a cross cut at the 30" marks. Wound up with four blanks. Didn't even make a mark on my benchtop, either. Stuck a bit of scrap in the vise, to hold the board off the bench As you can see, none were square. Ah, but ..."we have ways" Stanley #31 Jointer plane. Full width shavings. A 22" try plane and a #414 Jack plane helped out. made a mess on the bench, though Ok, that is out of the way, Time to clear off all the junk on the lathe bench, and try to find a few lathe chisels. That took a while. Found the chisels, and then had to sharpen them up. Only used 3 chisels A 1" roughing gouge, a 1" skew, and a parting tool. Lathe cost $90 back when I bought it at Sears, brand new! At least it was back in the 80s...The drive belt is starting to show it's 40 years, too. Clamped a blank upright in the vise, combo square to mark for center, rotate, and mark again on the other end. Hammer to drive the drive spur in place. Mount it up in the lathe, measure down 7" from the top. Square a line across so I can see it, and fire this thing up. Parting tool to cut until round, then gouge and skew until the first half is done Sanded off, too. Slide things down and complete the leg, giving it a very slight taper at the same time. One done three to go. Takes about 20 minutes or so. Soon had all four legs done. So, legs are turned. Next up? Well maybe a top, maybe some aprons, and we will see about a drawer, maybe. Stay tuned to this batty channel, the fun is just starting....
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