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Friday May 22nd 2020-What's on Your Weekend Agenda?

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I have seen where you can use a couple of cut up baker potatoes for electrolysis.  I have seen Shopsmith tubes restored that way.  


Well, I broke the bandsaw blade late yesterday.  So, I had to order a couple more.  Dang things are now $30 bucks each.  Will be shopping on eBay.  If I am going to be that careless, I need to stock up.  :JawDrop:So, it will be decorating graves of family veterans and cutting up this down palm tree.  Sorry, folks you will have to wait for me to finish my thread on the bandsaw box.

I don't understand what I did to turn on and off this double spacing.  Please be safe out there.  Keep those digits and spaces.  

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Well I'll be darned :JawDrop:...

It held off raining long enough to get about 2 acres mowed, and the tomatoes planted. :TwoThumbsUp:

No sooner got the last tomato planted and here came the :BlackCloud:lasted about 1/2 Hr. with 1/2" of rain.

We are now under a tornado and flash flood warning until 9:00 PM. :huh:

About 12 miles west of me it must have really came down, reports of some streets under 8" water. :blink:

Suns shining again here now. :WonderScratch:

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1 hour ago, Gene Howe said:

@FlGatorwood, try Suffolk Machinery for blades. I've had good luck with them and, believe it or not, off the shelf Olsens give good service. HD stocks them. Whether they have the 72" is another matter. Kinda hit and miss, there.

I have been using Timberwolk blades made by them for a number of years.  Have no complaints, stay sharp a long time and I abuse them.  :o

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Got an e-mail from a friend last night. his neighbor is remodeling the house and ripping out all the cherrywood flooring. Could I use any? HECK YES!!! Got a pickup load this afternoon... it's a cherry FINISH! But still good hardwood, looks like Chinese mahogany. (? :WonderScratch:) Spent most of the day pulling all the #%$^* staples, but I think it will make a very serviceable workbench for the shop. :TwoThumbsUp:May go back for another load tomorrow.


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