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Revolutionary War Horn with Scrimshaw

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3 hours ago, John Morris said:

@aaronc, I read your replies with great interest a few days ago, just wanted to drop back in and say, THANK YOU! And please, please, keep coming back here with your work, I love it, and I am sure the others are getting joy from it all. Thanks so much.


7 minutes ago, Gene Howe said:

:TwoThumbsUp:John said it, well. We're delighted you chose this site to show us your work. 




Thank you Gent's,....there's nothing not to like here :TwoThumbsUp:

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15 hours ago, John Morris said:

@aaronc, do you have a store where you sell these? An online store somewhere? Thanks :)


John, the "business" is Bill Smith's. I'm really just the ink guy and I try my hardest to help him out when I can with the making of the horns. I have no skin in the game on the horn's at all,...I do it because I love it,..to learn,....and to hang out with Bill. If he sells a horn I've scrimshawed he just gives me my cut for that then.


Bill does have a website with all of his info posted and some pics of his products,..I do think prices may have been adjusted slightly since the site was opened. He really doesn't do much with it. Everything is word of mouth and mainly the shows he goes to. He really does stay busy traveling to them,..they're all across the country.........at least "pre-covid" that is. 




Honestly if there is something your interested in feel free to text me,..it may be easier. I'll PM you my cell. -Aaron


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