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Dear folks, sometimes the topics get a little off topic, actually they go way off topic and they at times drag on for a few pages with nothing relevant to the original topic, and often the replies are one liner jokes that are just bantering back n forth that really would be better off in the free for all.


That being said, we don't want make any rules for that, because part of the attraction of our community is that there really are few general rules, yet along with that philosophy comes a responsibility to use it wisely and not abuse what we have here.

If we could just cut down a tad on the off topic posts I think it would be a good thing. I know myself, when I view a topic, I sometimes get a little frustrated that I have to filter through many posts before I can read something related to the original topic, and it's not just one topic that starts to bug me, it's when I want to read all the topics for the day in a forum that it becomes cumbersome to roll through the pages full of posts that are not at all related to the original post.


This is your community folks, you ultimately steer the way we roll around here, by your suggestions in how to improve our home here.

So what say you all? Would you like to have more targeted topic threads? I think out of respect for the original poster, we should keep it dialed in to their project they took the time to share with us and or ask questions about this or that.


Thanks for your ear and welcoming all feedback on this. Again, we will make no rule about it, but hopefully we can keep it at the top of our head as we reply to a topic. I am just as guilty as the next guy at times, I'll remember to keep my own off topic posts down to a minimum as well. :Punched:

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15 minutes ago, Fred W. Hargis Jr said:

OK, John. But I don't see that very often (I also don't read every thread) and if one goes too far off I would think the paticipants would bring it back into focus. But I was just offering my opinion about the whole thing.

Your opinion is highly valued!!!! Thanks sir!

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