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John Moody

Friday, Oct 14th, What's on Your Patriot Woodworker Agenda?

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2 hours ago, HandyDan said:


I thought the same thing but can't recall ever seeing one, even a Houston. 



Funny thing is I was at a Flea Market and there was a guy with lots of tools. I had a picture on my phone of a Barnes chisel so I showed him the picture and ask if he possible had anything like it in one of his boxes. He looked at it and said I believe I have one. Went straight to the box and dug around in it a minute and pulled out the Houston. Ask me if it would work then said give me 5.00 and see if it fits.


I have ask around at every flea market I go to and so far haven't found another one.

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45 minutes ago, Grandpadave52 said:

Wow, you guys must know somebody that knows somebody...great score...


Might be best to catch up on your sleep DURING the Colts game Ron...too much pressure on them; win tied for division lead not as if that's something to really put on one's resume...lose, 2 games out...if the O-line learned to block this week and the defense boarded the plane, they might make a game of it.

Dave, we have a couple of ticket holders so we usually get to go to a couple of games a year.  We had Nevada tickets also.  Unfortunately, they changed the ticket pricing.  These were $125 each.

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John the shop is looking awesome. I will get back over there soon to check it out. 


I will ill be watching a lot of football over the weekend and don't foresee as much time in the shop as I would like. I do hope to get started milling some white oak, walnut, and cherry for use in some upcoming projects for Christmas. 


I was was able to work on a couple projects this week that have been pretty fun for me. The first is the beginnings of a hand tool cabinet. I still have to add the different tool holder and will add doors as well. I used white oak that me and my dad literally pulled out of his back yard.image.jpeg


So this isn't quite done but I am really happy with it so far. I was able to finish up a mallet that I will get to put in the cabinet. This may be my favorite thing I made to this point. The handle is white oak as well as the center portion of the head and the sides and wedges are walnut. This is the old Shop Notes mallet and I put bb's in the head so it has a nice weight to it. I haven't decided whether I will add leather to the faces but here it is. Have a great weekend!


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