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  1. No, still in rehab. I keep losing weight instead of gaining.
  2. Hi all! I haven’t checked in in quite a while, but I’m doing ok. I’m still trying to gain my muscle back after losing right at 50 pounds since May. I need a good way to do it since the stomach is acting like it shrunk.
  3. Cases are increasing here in Arkansas as well. I hate to say it but unless masks are mandated and people actually follow the mandate. This will continue to be out of control (in my opinion). Either way, we will be dealing with this problem for at least a year (again, in my opinion.) SAD
  4. We left the following year due to my medical issues.
  5. I remember listening to the radio reports as they came in that next day ( We were in Canada at that time).
  6. Still recuperating around the rehab center John. Don’t know when I will be able to safely spring out of here but I know it’s going to be at least a month, maybe more. This means I may very well spend Christmas with them instead of being home like I want to be. The upside is that at least I won’t be alone for the holidays, if I stay here that long. I have been recuperating here far too long but I was extremely ill. 🤮 50 pounds lost in no time! Mostly muscle! And now I have to find a short as possible way of getting it back , and get my strength back . 😞 even though I am und
  7. This was supposed to be in the last post but oh well! I would fix it if I could. 😊
  8. Bhahahaha I love it! I love cats and dogs to begin with, but the expressions that they have, is the “icing on the cake”. 🤣 rofl
  9. Howdy there Ron! Back in March, we here in Arkansas were barely worried about it. Now it’s nearing a point where you either don’t care, or you mask up everywhere you go.
  10. Still doing ok here, half of the building is infected from what I understand, yet I am too weak to be home by myself. Meaning that I can’t go home to get away from it. stay safe and wear masks please people, I don’t want you to catch it. peace
  11. I have got to get one too lol.
  12. I laugh only because of the giant meteor part of the comment
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