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  1. Got a few things done this week(end) lol. A few Sierra style pens, and a keychain pill carrier (sold). The pill carrier/case is made with Amboyna burl. Pens are, shredded money, rosewood, Cocobolo, and one I'm not sure of. 😊
  2. Pens, pens, and more pens! I am up to my eyeballs in pens! 🤣 Such a happy problem to have 🤣. Thanks to Mr Morris! Heres a couple of recent ones. The multicolor brown one I don’t know what wood it is but it has a CA finish, the green one is a shredded money pen in green acrylester, and the dark brown one is Cocobolo, with a wax finish. All 3 are of the Sierra style. Mr Moody, I am looking forward to updates with the new CNC machine. That is one item I wanna have too, but really don’t have any room for, And before I get a CNC machine, I would be better off spending money on a stabilizing system. Everyone have a safe weekend, and post those pics. 😊
  3. Made it to 62° today, and should only get down to 44° tonight. Tomorrow should be about 60° again, with an overnight low of 52°.. This in Arkansas usually means trouble by about the third day, and sure enough, Wednesday we’re supposed to get some strong storms in the evening. The high though should be about 68° which is rather pleasant actually even if it is cloudy. Thursday it should reach 70° and sunny! That’s what I like. 🤣🌞☀️
  4. These are really cool birds! I used to see them in Florida and on Vancouver Island a lot. I wonder how far up the tree this nest is, if it’s even a tree? The vehicles passing in the background are pretty large so I don’t think she’s more than 30 maybe 50 feet up off the ground, and probably not but maybe a half a mile from the road. 🤗 🦅
  5. Yes,yes we do! 😂 This weekend I have a couple of pens prepaired to make, and I also have a needle case that needs to be made that a customer ordered. There may be a few others made as well. Top blank is Cocobolo and the bottom blank I believe is rosewood. Everyone enjoy your weekend and be safe.
  6. Currently 41F and cloudy, warmer than all of yesterday, of course rain is in the forecast today through Saturday, some storms may be severe Friday into Saturday.
  7. Recruiting bonus you mean there’s a recruiting bonus? Dang I wish I would’ve known that, I would’ve recruited a whole slew of people LOL, maybe not.
  8. I don’t really like either one for various reasons, prefer FB over the others but its too “hackable”. So other than talking to a few people and posting some of my work, I don’t use it.
  9. I like both but if I have to choose one, I prefer John Wayne.
  10. 20 degrees and sunny this morning when I woke up, now it’s 32 degrees and still sunny at just before noon central time. 🥶
  11. That is such a cool Jeep, I want one 🤣.
  12. I soo want to know how to make these. 🤣🤣🖊
  13. Nothing here! Except for pondering why USPS would send a package from one city to the next and back again TWICE, before finally sending it on south to me . This week, I will be making sure my 2 part epoxy is still good to go before trying to make some pens 🖊, and maybe a bottle stopper or two. It might actually be a busy week for once 😊.

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