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  1. 72° and light rain, expecting heavier rain as the eye or center of circulation of the former tropical storm moves up our way.
  2. 95° with barely a cloud in the sky it’s been that way for several days now. However I do understand that a supposed tropical storm of some form is supposed to come up here over the weekend to cool things off. However, unless it gets it’s act together, about the only thing we’re going to get, is a little bit of wind and a sprinkle.
  3. Mostly sunny today and 68° after raining most of yesterday. Supposed to be 81° tomorrow.
  4. That picture is something that although very awesome I would not want to see in my backyard. That being said, 52° and mostly cloudy today. I think 55° is all we’re going to get if that. However, it should be 80° by Monday.
  5. 63 and light rain today, after heavy storms moved through about 2-3 AM. Lots of lightning, no damage here.
  6. Yes I do actually. 😊 I never really got tired of them.
  7. That and Pinto beans for lunch and dinner lol
  8. 53° and rain! It’s expected that we will have rain for the remainder of the day, maybe even some severe weather later tonight. 🥴🌩
  9. Glad you are ok for the most part. I don’t know a single place that wouldn’t have busted him for leaving the scene, even if only a couple of blocks.🥴
  10. Yea she looks well fed 🤣, I’m sure shes “robbed” many a patron of a fry or two 😂.
  11. 84° And partly sunny today, looking at an overnight low of about 62°. It may turn cooler toward the first part of next week but we’ll see.
  12. It’s quite possible that your email client choked up when you clicked go to post. Mine does that now and then too. Perhaps a link got broken by the way the email was displayed, hard to say without actually seeing the email. Glad it finally worked.
  13. So much for 72 degrees and rain today! They got the rain part right, but so far, 55 is all it’s done and actually only feels like 52 (40) if you ask me. Maybe I do need to relocate. 🥴⛈🌧🌩🌧
  14. Started out at about 35° this morning, made it up to about 71° this afternoon. Tomorrow will start out at about 52° in the morning which usually means rain. Sure enough, 3 AM and it’s raining here managing probably about 65° before it’s said and done.
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