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    The 2 most important days of your life, the day you were born and the day you find out why.

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  1. Oh wow, that short eh? That spells trouble wowwwww.
  2. IMO NO school buildings should be open yet
  3. I don’t have room to store a 55 gallon size, but 5 gal. might work. 😂
  4. Like Snoopy, I’d love to use the middle fingers but I’m just not sure if it’s appropriate to do so lol. I am still in rehab and probably going to be for a few more weeks. I’ll check ya later.
  5. You are so right John, this kitty is off the scale cuuuuuuttttteeee. 😹
  6. Hey John, did your wife make it back today ok?
  7. Here in Arkansas we got some pretty heavy rain for a while and some pretty good wind but really there was only about four hours of it and then it was done. The one thing that saved their butts on the forecast for our area anyway, is the fact that they said it was going to pick up speed and move out of the area pretty quickly, it did! 😂🤪
  8. Well, the extreme northern band of the storm is almost here to my area. Light rain at first but then we’ll be getting the yellows and reds. It should make for an interesting day.
  9. Hi all, so far so good up here in Arkansas, of course, it (The eye) hasn’t even hit the coast yet. I just heard a bit ago though, That the hurricane has hit category 4 status. Let’s all use this thread to check in on those that are in the path and those that care about those that are in the path. 🤗
  10. Still doing better in rehab. There’s one place here in town that opened its doors to visitors again not long ago and literally within three days they were overrun with the virus so everybody shut down again as far as visitors in any nursing type facility. All people had to do is just pay attention to what they’re doing and follow the guidelines but nooooo, ONE PERSON that had the virus wanted to visit a relative, so there they are. The one I’m at simply refused to re-open when everybody else did so we’re fine as far as it goes.
  11. I hope so Gene, I really do.
  12. Here’s a scary thought for you, governor tried opening businesses including nursing homes. ONE Facility did and ONE person came in that has it. That facility is now fighting for lives All facilities are now on lockdown again!
  13. I don’t really do a lot of chat on topics like this but, I do hope that everybody stays safe and takes heart the recommendations for distancing and mask wearing and so forth. Y’all take care OK? I hope the numbers do come down.
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