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  1. Mine too actually lol
  2. Wow that’s cool! You did a wonderful job! Things like this, make me wish I hat room and tools to do it.
  3. I have indeed turned Corian, and have a few colors but not much to match and only 1/2” thick. The wood sounds fine, and laminates fun! Thanks for the offer! Let me know how to go about paying for it, even the Corian! 😊
  4. The image here was the stopper head that was on the far right up top. I believe its Apple or Cherry wood. I need to fill a hole on the back side and hope That it works out and looks good, or I’ll have to cut the hardware off and get another piece.
  5. I also do not know how to link a person properly to a post but to @FlGatorwood (I think I just found the right way lol.) I can pay some for any blanks you send, if that is what you do. Just contact me by private message with details.
  6. Thank you everyone! @FIGatorwood, I have lots of pen kits and some bottle stopper hardware. What I do need, is bottle stopper wood blanks, say 2.5”x2.5”x3.5” but I don’t have any way to cut anything that size. I can’t cut anything over 2.75” thick pieces. I just broke the last bandsaw blade I have so more are on order 😊. Heya @John Morris if rotating the image is all I need to do, I can do that😊, I just need to know How Far I need to rotate it. I have an iPhone 6S Plus. to everyone else, thank you for the warm welcome back!I do plan to be in here more. I’ve said that a few times I know, and it hasn’t really worked out and that’s partly because of my motivation issues which I will work on. 😊
  7. I hope all of you are doing good! I have been having a lot of issues with motivation and finding something constructive to do. Without that, there isn’t much sense in hanging around here. I have missed you all though. Anyhow, I do have a few things that I want to try and get done this week(end). a few bottle stoppers one of which I may have to Re-drill and Re-glue, because the metal is looking a bit proud. I believe it to be spalted maple. the little pieces are pendants that are needing completed. One is a odd color acrylic and the other I believe to be Rosewood or Cocobolo. The last piece is a bottle stopper and it I believe is apple wood or cherry. Y’all take care out there and hopefully things git back to normal soon! Oh the square piece without metal glued to it is also maple and will be a bottle stopper. 🤣 I wish images from phones didn’t get flipped on their side. 🤔
  8. I’m quite sure our favorite furry friends do not want to catch this bug either 🤣🤣.
  9. Welcome aboard sir, I look forward to future posts of woodwork that you do. Take care and see you around the site!
  10. Np Lew, I wanted to have some pictures of finished items today but forgot that I had a doctors appointment. I also want to put more finish on the items before I put them together.
  11. Thanks for the honorable mention, I will put up a new post with pics of the items when they are ready, which at least 1 should be ready tomorrow evening, and maybe 2. I have a total of 4 that are in various stages. 😊
  12. Good evening John & everybody! I hope everyone is doing well. I am continuing on with the necklace build, there is now a total of four of them. I tried to put a finish on one of them, and wound up having a drip. So, I went ahead and re-sanded that and hopefully will be able to try again in a couple of days when it quits raining!!!!!!!!!! In addition to the necklaces, I’ve been trying to get a couple of bottle stopper heads completed here is a couple of wood pieces for necklaces Top is Mun Ebony ( I think I have that right) and bottom is mesquite. I believe this is a piece of Apple wood, I actually dropped it when trying to show it to someone, so now IT is on the lathe waiting for me to get rid of my anger so that I can work on it with a clear head. Does anybody know how to underline a word or a sentence in this forum? I tried a couple of different ways about a year or so ago and if I remember right, it never did work out. Not of major importance but there’s times where an underline would be nice. Please stay safe and lets see what everyone else is doing.😊
  13. Although I have never seen this type of error as far back as I can remember, I would definitely do as Larry suggested and check what file format is being uploaded. It very well could be a strange format that the forum is rejecting.
  14. Hi gang it’s been a while but with all that’s going on, I thought I’d check in. I’ve Got some aromatherapy necklaces to get done, as well as some bottle stoppers and several pens. This os a repurposed piece so that’s why it looks odd here, but it’s going to be one of the aromatherapy necklaces when I’m done. Mesquite about 1-1/8 long
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