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Claro Walnut Rocker, Roughing in Rear Legs

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Later today I also was able to shape as much as I could with the router and a 5/8" radius bit. This is a tricky operation, as there are no fences, no hold downs, and no flat table surface to use a guide. The reason for this modified mini table is because much of the legs are not flat! So I need to be able to raise the material off the surface in order to get close to the areas that are not flat.


Below is my modified router table, outfitted with a Porter Cable 690 under the board.



This is a free hand operation, just two hands and some rigid arm strength to ensure the leg does not kick out or back and trash the leg. At this point if I were to lose this leg, it would be hours and hours lost.




The legs are now shaped as far as I could using this modified table, I'll have to use rasps and files now to further shape my beautiful legs, but at least I was able to remove the lions share of the material, and in a consistent and even manner.




Thanks for looking!


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1 hour ago, John Morris said:

I seem em Dave, your not alone, the other guys just like picking on ya. But ya, more coffee for sure. :lol:

I know...I was just looking for reason to drink more coffee...never said what additives it contains.:rolleyes: But the faces are there I tell you...be careful what that walnut is trying to speak to you John.:ph34r:

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3 hours ago, HandyDan said:

Yeah Dave.  If I look really hard I can see you need more coffee.  Only face I see is in the middle but he would have to be winking at me.  I do see a fox face at the top edge of the section you didn't circle.


Naw! That's a lop-eared rabbit, not a fox...put yer glasses on, Dan!

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1 hour ago, Grandpadave52 said:

Secret is when you start hearing them, don't argue, just back away slowly.:unsure:


What? Huh! What are you talking about?


I talk to myself all of the time when I work. Occasionally, I even answer myself. Every so often I end up arguing with myself, but it's all good! The only thing is, that, sometimes when I argue with myself, I LOSE! That worries me.


The voices have generally been right on the money with the advice, once I finally decided to start listening to what they had to say. So, never back away, because they will probably be right in the long run.


By the way, nice work, John. Can't wait to see the finish on that seat and see the grain pop!

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