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Walnut Night stand, leg work

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Worked for a little bit this morning, waiting on my helper to finally get up out of bed...Camera died, too.    Took the van to my Mom's place, where we could work on it inside, out of the thunderstorms.....Tasks?  Front and rear brake pads needed changed, tires rotated.  After all of that, then come home and do a bit more wood work...


That front wheel is a perfect fit.  Legs are now all the same thickness, saw marks are gone, curves look better...

layout tools.JPG

Layout tools to mark a dovetail....dovetail.JPG

Carried a few lines done the sides, gathered a few other tools


Knifeline cutter, chisels, chisel pusher....somewhere there is a #4 backsaw.  

leg detail.JPG


Backsaw the line.  Down to the other line..

details 2.JPG

Chisel away the waste.  Repeat for the other side.    Use this to lay out a spot on the leg


Just a matter of saw the sides, and chisel out the waste. checking for fit..

dry fit 1.JPG

Not too hateful.....repeat all those steps again for the next leg.    Sometimes, things get a bit squirrelly..leg holder.JPG

Needed to add a couple pieces to help hold this thing sting.   You can see the saw lines, and where I dug out an escape hole.  More chop and fit, test fit, and chop some more.    I also planed a "flat" where the legs will go.   Finally got #2 to fit..

2 down.JPG

two down, one to go.    Maybe tomorrow I can get the third one fitted?    I also cut out a slat, for attaching the column to the top..  It might be a pattern for a better one, later. 


Right now/ I am plain tuckered out.   I intend to just sit here on my foundation and have a tall glass of ice and lemonade....stay tuned..

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Program timer is set for next episode. Rest the knees after the brake job...thought I would have to crawl to the house Monday after doing the same on my daughter's van. Enjoy the lemonade...give it some kick and add sweet tea to it! :P


Edit add: BTW, was that a dovetail router bit I saw on the bench? ;)

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13 minutes ago, steven newman said:

Yep, use it as a pattern for when I cut dovetailed stuff.  Sets the angle to the dangle for me.. 


If'n I want a bit of a kick to the lemonade, the water would be replaced with Beefeaters Gin...

:lol::P:lol:...you'd forget about the knee for awhile!!:D

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