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The Software....

Steve Krumanaker


After assembling the machine it's time to install the software. I have to say before I get into that, assembling the machine is well within the scope of most any wood workers ability. It's kind of like Lincoln logs. If a person takes it in small steps and doesn't look at the overall picture, it's not too daunting. Like my brother's wife always says, "it's hard by the yard, but it's a cinch by the inch" she is right.


Now, what can I say about the software? A lot, and not much. It's important to keep in mind, for myself, as much as anyone. This is a bare bones, entry level, hobby machine. It will engrave an area approximately 11" X 14" and will cost 2-300 dollars depending on the time of day, literally. Any of the name brand machines, like Epilog, will cost a few thousand for their entry level machine. I'm not comparing my machine to those at all, they are more refined, more powerful, more capable, etc. etc.


Like the instructions, the software must be downloaded from the banggood website. Its kind of confusing just what to do once it's downloaded and there is zero technical support. Once again, I knew that going in. And like before, I spent several hours googling, researching, watching video, reading instructables and struggling to install the software and get it working. One big problem is that most virus software doesn't like it, so it won't allow the package to install. A person basically has to disable virus protection during the install process, something I didn't care to do.


After the software is installed, the computer must be configured to communicate with the laser, guess what?  Back to youtube, google, instructables, etc. etc. to find out how to do that. Again, hours were spent figuring it out. In fact, I never did get that first software package to work but downloaded a different package from gearbest.com and finally I could communicate with my machine.


The engraving program included with the software is called "benbox". It is a very, very basic setup. To give an idea how basic, it always loads in Chinese, so every time a person starts the program they must choose a different language, unless of course, they speak Chinese. Basic settings must be restored every time the program is started, such as laser speed, power, etc. etc. You can't save a profile, like if you find settings that work well with maple, they must be written in a notebook and re-entered each time a person would burn maple. A person must also go through the steps to connect with the machine every time it starts. None of this is a big deal but it's not what most of us are used to with a program.

Even so, eventually I was ready to try to engrave something. The first several times I tried, mostly what I made was a black hole in whatever I was using, It seemed no matter what,  that was the result. At the risk of repeating myself, once more, google, youtube, etc. etc. etc. After much research, tweaking, setting up and testing I got to where I could get the black hole to move slightly and make little square boxes that kind of resembled charcoal, frustration was beginning to set in and I began to wonder if I'd wasted both time and money.

Back to the web, finally I thought, maybe there was a benbox forum? Guess what, there is.  benboxlaser forum  All I can say is, forums are a gift, in only an hour or so I had learned enough on the benbox forum I was able to engrave a simple gif of a horse.



Not the most impressive bit of laser engraving but hey, it was a start. The next few days I spent a lot of time on that forum. I have to say it again, a good forum, like this one, and from my limited experience, the benbox forum is one of the best things about the net.

In just a short time, I learned much about the capabilities of the software and the machine. I also saw, there are people who own this machine doing some very nice work with it. I also learned the machine is capable of much but is limited severely by the included software. For instance, with benbox, the laser itself only knows on or off, there are no degrees of power. In a nutshell, what that means a person can etch dark or not at all. There is no gray scale. That's kind of a big deal. For outlines, silhouettes, or something like a Celtic knot, black or white is just fine. For a picture of any kind, gray scale is a must.


As I was browsing the forum one thing I noticed was many of the members weren't using the benbox program but instead a program called "t2laser". As I started reading more I discovered one of members had gotten frustrated with benbox and was smart enough to develop t2laser, which according to many who post there is a much better option. It didn't take much to convince to download a trial version and after a few tests, buy and install the registered version which he sells for $39.00. At this point I have about $250.00 in this venture. Well, after using the new software I am seriously impressed with it. Very user friendly, easy to configure and the gentleman responds to questions in a few minutes most of the time.


I am still very early in the learning curve with this machine and this software but also very encouraged with recent results.


DSCN1546.JPGOne of the items I make quite a few of, are decorative lids for mason jars, and/or honey dippers for mason jars. One of the main things I wanted to do with this machine was to embellish the lids to increase the value of them. I did a couple test lids today using the t2laser software and I'm really pretty happy with the results. One of these is maple and the other is walnut, same settings on both. The nice thing is, once the setup is made, the little laser can work on it's own while I'm doing something else. So, that's where I am at this point, still lots to learn but that's part of the fun isn't it? If someone were to ask me if the machine is worth the cost, I would say it is to me without doubt, just for the learning experience, the rest is all gravy.





Recommended Comments

Very, very cool Steve!

The wife asked me a couple weeks ago what sort of tool I wanted for Christmas this year.  I might just show this to her.


How long did it take to do each of the lids?

What types of files are needed for the pattern?  I presume some type of vector file.  Do you have experience with those?

What will that machine do on glass?


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Thanks Cal!

First of all, I really suggest you check out the forum I linked to. Friendly bunch of folks and very much more knowledgeable than me. The lids I pictured take just over 20 minutes to do with the settings I was using.  Not a big deal to me as I generally do them 20 at a time or more. I can finish one, stick it in the laser and do some more while it's working. The t2laser software will accept several different file types. Jpg, gif, bmp, png to name a few, as well as dxf. I have limited experience with svg files from using inkscape. I'm not sure if the software will use those. However, inkscape will export to dxf so that wouldn't be a problem if you use inkscape. I have no idea what it would do with glass but I suspect a person would need a more powerful machine.



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Wow Steve! The final result after all that, the lids! Those turned out spectacular. Great story on the trials and tribulations of getting this set up. When told us about the shortcomings of not being able to save settings, that was a killjoy, but I am so glad you found the software from the community, and you can't beat that price either.

I was curious of the forum for the laser and perused it a bit, what a neat community. You know, a forum will pop up for anything anymore, I bet you could not believe your eyes when you stumbled on the Benbox Forum!:lol: I bet it felt like a Godsend when you found it, a life ring for your sanity in this project. I love grass roots forums like that, great job, and be sure to enter that forum in our "Links Directory"!


Thanks for sharing your journey with us Steve, great job, and I hope we get more on this project in this blog.



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Thanks John.

I am sure I will update this as I make progress with it. I would really like to learn to do actual pictures with it as well. I've tried a couple but the results so far are not what I'm after but I believe eventually it'll happen. As for the equipment, I haven't seen anything on that. The only thing that would cost much to replace is the laser and of course they are getting cheaper all the time. The control board and stepper motors can be had for cheap on ebay.



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