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Canon Ball four poster bed in pine with dark stain.

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IMG_2776.thumb.JPG.038a46e86c2d28ee0d06a466a8fd112e.JPGHave to start with a glue up . Did not think I could find 6 x 6 dry pine so here we go with 3 pieces of 2 x 6. Tried to get the knots toward the surface outer edges as these would be turned off. Remember you can never have too many clamps



















IMG_2780.thumb.JPG.f9691888c86c339b9c76c202c1ee3441.JPGAfter squaring the blanks on table saw we will need a centered hole to assemble the two parts of the post as this lathe is not long enough to turn as one piece.

















IMG_2783.thumb.JPG.db4e9dbb25a5fcf19e69c329d2b72960.JPGHaving that hole creates a stabilization problem for turning which is solved by using a cone center in the tailstock.
















fluting jigfluting jig top














The left picture is the fluting jig cutting the upper post . The right picture shows a closer look at the the jig cutting the post.















These are the finished post parts with fluting done on one. Right picture shows the connection for the parts of the post.



This round turning and finial go on top of the headboard and footboard.



This shows the incomplete mortise and tenon to join the posts to foot and head boards. The raised panels are installed and at this point are prestained.



The complete project. Not exact but a close similarity to a bed we lost when our house was flooded over 30 years ago.

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