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© The Patriot Woodworker
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Mid-1800s heartpine post split and resawn 7.JPG





© The Patriot Woodworker

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Mid-1800s Heart Pine Beam Split & Resawn

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Photo Information

  • Taken with Apple iPhone SE (1st generation)
  • Focal Length 4.2 mm
  • Exposure Time 1/625
  • f Aperture f/2.2
  • ISO Speed 25

Recommended Comments

Absolutely beautiful Woodman! Hey, I just got some a stack of old growth doug fir in loaded into my garage, a bunch of old 2x4's, the grain looks just like yours in this image.

They were torn out of our field office, they were used for shelving that was installed in the 60's, can't wait to get a project going with them.

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22 hours ago, John Morris said:

old growth doug fir

Nice find, John!  Something like that, I'd sit on for a while,  thinking up something original. Then do the usual: Resaw into ¾" square stock, glue together into larger panels.  :cowboy:


I was gifted a beam end 5.5" x 9.5" x 23.5" during yard clean-up. Sliced half an inch off the end, sawdust was redder'n' Mars. Since turned a lighter brown but still tinged w/red. Pert' sure it's DF as well. Maybe today I'll pry the metal out of it and stow this treasure in my fireproof sub-sub-basement.


It will remain whole for a good while but is destined to be resawn perpendicular to the grain. I'll get two-three good rift sawn posts, for further resawing. 



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On 12/2/2022 at 7:59 AM, John Morris said:

Look at that old growth grain, beautiful, and it split nice and straight too, beautiful piece of wood!

Here ya go, John. This is a piece of the quarter-split beam end from the piece pictured above.  I'm figuring to rift-saw this piece into nickel-thin slats for another sunshade. I'll get it squared to 3" wide then drag the c.1988 Delta 34-670 out to the porch one fine morning when north winds blow. To keep sawdust off yonder porches. And move the fence for each cut, measuring thrice between cuts. I get a better end result, rather than trying to get the cut piece from between fence and blade.


And @Grandpadave52 I'm also posting this just for you. I know you love the smell, Doc, so I got the microphone extra-close 



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2 hours ago, Woodman said:

And @Grandpadave52 I'm also posting this just for you. I know you love the smell, Doc, so I got the microphone extra-close 

It worked...could smell those whisper thin shavings from here. Wonder if you can steep them or use as an inhalant in a steam vaporizer? That would be awesome.


Great curl on the card scraper too. Love the sound of it.

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