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Firefighter memorial 2. The final cause

The Dickman family was very happy to pose  with a part of the memorial as they lost a loved one doing his job. It to me was one point during my horrid day that someone got  a bit of closure. I will be traveling to Indiana  in May to work with Steve Gore and also do a meet and greet at the Indianapolis  500. @Ron Dudelston.... I'm heading out may 25th I think.

From the album:

Religious scroll projects

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Well done sir! A great tribute to those who have given all. My condolences to the Dickman family.

Hopefully we can meet up somewhere for a bit while you're in the Hoosier state. Hopefully the snow will have ended before the 500:P

If you've never been to the track or the race, you're in for a special experience. There is a reason it's long been called "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing." 

Thanks for sharing this special moment of your work.

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Quite welcome! We will be carving the weekend of the 26th in May. As soon as I get either there or info  I will pass along. You will be welcome to come see the 50 ft ptsd memorial per Steve Gore. The carving will be for a kids cancer benefit as I don't have details yet.

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Thanks Dale. Would be my privilege to see that. Hopefully that weekend will free...school ends that Friday...depends on the success of the tennis team, but might be able to attend on Friday.

Please keep me updated...would really enjoy the time & experience.  

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