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© © Cindy Trine
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This is my first real attempt at painting (back in 1986). It's a 20" x 24" in acrylic.

This is also my first attempt at mitering. It's a 1" x 2" MDF that I painted black.



© © Cindy Trine

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WOW! Those miters are nice and tight! Great job!


My number one "bucket list" item is to be able to pet a real live Bengal tiger. I think they are absolutely gorgeous- as is your painting.

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I guess I didn't say how I did the mitered cuts? I am sure you won't believe it...


First practice was on a piece of scrap pine and a hobby miter box. With fibro and other issues, that was not going to work.


I wanted to get a portable table saw and my OWN jig saw so I started hunting what's currently out there. Then I thought about how I have this router and table, maybe I could make a jigtable saw. Was thinking about this for my circular saw, as well...


That got me to searching and I ran across the Rockwell Bladerunner X2. Since I really didn't want to go more into hock, I decided to research this animal. 2 months ago, I rode my bicycle up to the Lowe's (it's very close), just to have a look at one, not intending to buy it. I talked to a guy and he had to get another guy. Before you knew it, the 3 of us were standing by the X2 and I was teaching them about this thing-they had NO clue, only knew it was sitting there on the display and there was one for sale.


Even being able to give them the features and such, I told them I was still a bit hesitant, assuming it might be another disappointment. They told me if I wanted, take it home, play with it a bit and if it didn't perform to my expectations, bring it back for a full refund, no questions asked. Well, how can I pass up a free test drive? Then it hit me...I am on my bike!!! First time I ever bought my own pair of bungee cords, strapped it to my panier rack and brought it home.


Took me a good 3 days to even unbox it. I just knew it was over before it started! Well, I pulled it out, grabbed some of what scrap I have, and played with it. WOW!!! I figured out it's idiosyncrasies and did the miters, cut down the wood for the shelves (some I still have to put up) and fell in love. It's small, lightweight, has a new home when not in use. Even my home vac hose fits on the dust collector with the adapter that came with it.


And then there's not making room for a big table saw and lugging it outside, and a jigsaw. I just recently ordered the crosscut sled for it, as well. I just wish I could get the other 2 accessories they sold for the original Bladerunner-the circle cutter and miter jig, but guess I don't even need them, really. Probably didn't even need the sled because I cut all the shelves down before I got the sled! LOL


The bad reviews I read about this thing, they just don't know how to work with something to make it work, I guess. I even made a block I now keep with my tools, and can use it for setting up 45º angles in the future without thinking. I took my combination square and my 2 speed squares and even butted the angles up (both directions) and they are straight and tight. I couldn't do any better on another machine, to be honest.


Oh LEW! ME TOOO!!! Tigers are my love. And IF I ever win the mega millions, you can come with me to Tibet! They have a cavern there, where the monks care for the tigers and you can go and interact with the tigers out in the open! I am always envious of people who had such opportunities with tigers. And of course when I got a chance to go pet tigers locally, those laws came into effect blowing that chance. sighhh

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Thanks! I try to get in tune when I am interested in something.


I used to dream of having a huge stead out west and having my own couple of tigers. But I also dreamed of owning a castle in Europe, so guess I would have to bring my tigers with there, too. LOL


Think I am about to head for bed, soon. Gonna get a bedtime snack and start shutting things down around here. Have a great night Lew and Dave!

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