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Wen High Speed Steel Spindel Gouges (Review)...corrected error

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So this afternoon I wanted to do some more turning while I wait for my last project to cure.  Either way I finally decided to try out my High Speed Steel spindel Gouges.  I sharpened them up on my belt sander.  Please keep in mind that I DO NOT HAVE A GUIDE, to sharpen the chisels.  I do this all by eyeballing it.  So I got started on my new project and gave the new spindelgouges out.  So far I like them.  I origionally bought the hole set for a cost of 76 dollars.  For the handles the England beech wood feels great in the hand and is a really comfortable hand hold especially if the chisel decides to buck you've got a good firm grip on it.  Overall length of about 10 inches.  I'm only doing the review on two of the chisels since I have not yet been through all of them.  Eventually I will be doing that.  I believe it is the 1/4 inch bowl gouge and the 1/8 inch bowl gouges that I've used.  Sharpened quite well they do hog off quite a bit of material.  How ever I had a few catches (Please NOTE... I am not sure if this was due to OPERATOR ERROR in not having an exact proper angle on the gouge up against the work piece and tool rest).  Either way at 76 dollars for an Artisan Chisel Set with 6 inch HSS blades.  I'm not going to gripe and complain.  I bought these a while ago and just now got around to using them.  Would I recomend buying them yes.  If you are on a budget buy its a bit of a jump cost but worth the money for an "In Expensive" set of chisels.  Either way that's my 2 cents on the deal.  I'll put up some photos in here of the work piece some of the wood shavings and chisels.  My opinion they are good enough for me.  Here is the web link I bought these through the Home Depot website.  (Please CORRECT ME if I am wrong on the gouge sizes THANK YOU).




Hope this helps for anyone looking for an in expensive set of High Speed Steel Chisels.



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According to the site specs, these are spindle gouges. If that’s the case, don’t try hollowing with them- it’s not safe. Also, spindle gouges have a more open flute like shown. That said, the steel shaft looks beefy and inserted into the handles like a bowl gouge. 


Bowl gouges are are typically designated by the distance across the top of the “U” shaped opening (flute) along the steel tool. However, some folks use the diameter of the steel shaft. 

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I stand corrected you are right.  They are spindle gouges OOOOOOOOF.  Uhm I’ve already tried the hollowing with them lol.  WHOOOPSIE.  And I’ve found out why it’s dangerous to try and hollow with them.  But at least they’re great for taking a lot of material off.

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Just looked at your picture vs that Gunny posted and what length I know my Thompsons are. Note that the fluted or sharpenable  steel is much shorter on the Wen tools you bought and that may be a portion of the cheaper costs. Look into buying higher quality next purchase if you can afford. They will stay sharp longer and it takes a looong time to use all that steel. I just ordered a new 1/2 and a 5/8 bowl gouge and the old ones must be at least 8 years old.

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