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9 hours ago, John Morris said:

Yep, that 735 has a very efficient system for blowing out the chips and dust all on it's own

The guy I made that pipe for had it vent into a 5 gallon bucket.  Said the same thing, even showed me when he hooked it all up.  Has plenty of push to eject chips.  

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I had a similar exhaust duct transition issue, wanting an easy transition from a 4" throat scoop to a 1.25/2.5" small hose (Kreg jig, bench sander, etc).  The scoop serves my miter saw, and is difficult enough to modify that I don't want to mess with it, so I made a "plug fitting".  At the heart of all that (Gorilla) black tape is a 2.5x4 transition piece.  The tape plugs the depth of the scoop and gives me excellent draw on the hose.


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I used to do all that adjusting and such but now like Dan The lathe can do wonders.1441576900_lathedustaparatus.JPG.9d0042843f29c95932187b1805793f41.JPG

This is the old adjustable DC port on lathe


Another old iteration



This is the new and better way to do connections. Note the two adapters on the Dust Deputy turned on lathe. So all these years of adapting and making weird stuff for DC and the answer was there all the time : make it on the lathe.

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My originals worked so well, today I made one for the opposite end of the hose, where the 1.5" hose, 1.5" o.d., goes into the 2.5" o.d. Rockler Vortex.  Hole saw and Forstner bit did great.

it occurred to me later that I'm always swapping out that end of the Vortex for 4 different hoses -- one for general clean up, one for the Ridgid OSS, the new one for the Shopsmith and band saw, and another for the ROSs.  I may just make a manifold with blast gates so all I have to do is open the appropriate gate and go.

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