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10 Inch Ryobi Miter Saw Review w/ Links

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Nice score.  It amazes me how much it looks like my old Delta saw.  Most everything is the same.  Now that you are getting used to it, you may wish to check one thing.  That is if the fence is square to the blade.  My booklet that came with my saw said that the fence was set from the factory and not to bother with it.  When I started cutting picture frame corners, I kept having a small problem, you know, just a bit off.  So, got out the square and found the fence just a bit off.  Put the blade down, bumped the square up to it, set the fences to the 90 degree side of the square.  Did it a couple of times to ensure nothing moved and it is very nice.  The old delta is 10 inches with everything looks so much like yours.  Makes me wonder if Ryobi purchased Delta. Looks like a great machine.  Looking forward to more projects by it.  

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18 hours ago, lew said:

Thanks for the review.


Wish 10" saws were available when I purchased mine (7.5" slider from Hitachi)

Lew, is the depth of cut a limitation for you?  I can see where this might be an issue dealing with bowl blanks and such.


I have a 12" DCM Kobalt that I purchased to do stair treads.  I am fixing to give this one to my son and was thinking about a 7.5" as a replacement.  I would like it to be DCM though, I have gotten spoiled on that doing crown moulding and such.  I looked at Lowes the other day.  They do have a couple 10" DCB, but no 7.5 on the shelf.

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18 hours ago, JimM said:

I've seen an articulating 12" compound MS.  Bosch, IIRC, and probably pricey, but not sliding saves quite a bit of space.

Mine is the 10" . And yes, it saves a ton of room in back. And yes, a bit pricey! But, well worth it. An excellent tool. However, a slider, as @lew has said, will give you a wider cut. Mine will only reach 11.5" . 


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