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On 4/11/2020 at 9:15 PM, BillyJack said:

I picked up a router today I had on layaway and asked if they would notify me if a i7 computer comes in . They said they would...

Hopefully something comes in...

Last week, I picked up a Bosch router I had in the repair shop (needed new switch).  The "Front Desk Lady" was doing the paperwork and sent one of the lackeys back to pick it up.   He came back in a couple minutes and said he couldn't find it.  She gave him a claim number or bin number of some sort and he went back.   He came back and said he didn't see anything that looked like a modem.  She explained it was a power tool and came back the third time still wondering if he had the right thing.  We both kind of chuckled.  I could understand this at Wal*mart, but at a shop that sells and repairs only power tools, Geez.

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