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About froze me tailfeathers off, this morning.....a BREEZY 50 degrees...:BugEyeSmiley:.second sale of the morning was a Barn Sale....TOOLS!.:Cheer:...wound up spending $4..as i turned down another 3 axes.:ChinScratch:  First items?


Screwdrivers are addicting!  Same with squares.   North Bros. No.30A with 3 patent dates, and a tip.  The square got a good cleaning up when I got home...has an etch::ChinScratch:


Trade Mark

Made inUSA

saw plate with a nib?   Belongs the the larger of the 2 saws


Was trying to find any sort of an etch....Bigger saw has the nib, and has brass split nuts..



But, no medallion..:WonderScratch:


Them big rip teeth are about 5-1/2 points per inch...plate is arrow straight...on both saws!

Smaller, Panel saw did had a medallion..


Kind of fancy, for a Warranted Superior medallion?   I did find a bit of an etch....has a banner across the rest of the etch. Inside the banner?


I may be able to sharpen this 8 pointer up, sometime.  Same with that rip saw.  


Not too bad of a morning, despite the cold weather....:ChinScratch:

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