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Assembly table of my dreams

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Probably not mobile.   HD casters are real expensive.  Right now, I'm using "shop boxes" with a 3x5 piece of basketball court on the top.  Previously, I had an old "battleship" metal desk, that I did have raised up on casters.  It was too big to move so I disassembled and hauled the pieces to the scrap yard.  Oh, wait, I have casters,.... maybe.

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I made a simple table frame (from 1x3) 60"x24", with wheels (found set/4 at HD for $20).  Then I dropped a pocket door slab 80x30 on it, put little pcs wood on underside of slab to register it on frame.  When I need room, put top against the wall (have little hold down for it on wall), and frame standing up against it.  Worked well to collapse the space needed.


Then I gave a car away and am much happier now with a permanent "this is mine" space allocation in garage.

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I made a sample table like my second photo for the furniture bank. (see other post for that) I like it and have decided to proceed (when I get the time).  I want to put a drop leaf on one end so it's shorter for smaller projects but I get the full 8' for larger ones that I seem to be making these days.  I'll use my bargain wine boxes for the drawers (draws) and have some nice close storage.   Now if I can only get the time to do something for myself.

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2 hours ago, RedMGB said:

Love the bright colors and clamp storage in the second photo.  I'm inspired!  


Attached are two photos of benches built last year.  The first is just an assembly bench, approximately 3' x 5'.  The best part is the casters - there are several versions on Amazon between $40 - $50 for a set of 4.  The price seems to vary according to the phases of the moon or something.  Anyway, the nice thing is when they are disengaged, the full weight of the bench is on the legs.  I haven't had too much success with locking casters.   Thinking about adding a second shelf, but I would lose a place to stash my jobsite table saw and compressor.  


The second photo is my grandson's bench.  It was his Christmas present last year when he was 4, but I told him he had to help me build it, and we started it in October.  He was so excited and we had a great time.  


James bench .jpeg

Super looking tables! I really like the caster idea. Your grandson will remember those times together!


Looks like you have a basement shop. Welcome to the club!

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1 hour ago, RedMGB said:

Thank you Lew. 

To call what I currently have in the basement a shop is too kind.  But a basement shop is in the planning stage and I'll be posting a request for suggestions in the near future.  Got to finish Mother's shelving units first. 


Looking forward to seeing your ideas!

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On 1/17/2019 at 7:06 PM, kmealy said:

(broke a toe once when a cabinet side fell off

And...that's why i've gotten in the habit of wearing steel toe shoes.   Between heavy stuff here, at my neighbors place(s), or at the Restore...   so far, so good.   Yeah, they're heavier and i prefer the steel toe to the composite, but that's just me.  

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@Buckaroo what the heck are you talking about? It would sure be helpful if you could explain your grievances with more than one line of head scratching. Not a single person here knows what you are trying to say, or what went wrong with ya. 

Care to explain, with some detail?


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