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  1. NOW I KNO I'M WITH FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hay, ya want a laugh, go to Amazon. Select books type in Wiregrass, Grits and Foggy Horseshoe. Suppose it's still there, aint checked in a few days. Note the price, scroll down & there it is for even more $$$
  3. JESS, FINISHED UP STORY/WRITING, not get it to printer, they'l send me a ''proof'' then off to market, I HOPE. It takes time & patience.
  4. Suprised, I am, figgurreedd I'd git thrown off/out!!! THANKS
  5. Hey dont worry with it. I'm living & breathing, lots of other places to look at on net.
  6. WELL NUFF SAID. I'M HERE. Buck Nall from Alma,, Ga.
  7. Well like I had to state, It has been awhile, yall went & moved the furniture around, gimme time MAYBE I'll find my way. STILL LOVE TO KNO WHY I WAS BANNED 2-3 MO. AGO?? I kin still read and partially understand English. Anywho gave me time to finish putting together my last book. Enough of this drivel Buck Nall from Alma, Ga.
  8. THANKS LEW. OVER PAST TIME I'VE NOTICED THE RESPONSE TO WHAT I POST IS PASSED OVER BY MOST. I'm just an old white boy from deep south. We know computers relies on their numbers to correspond with other computers. Totally different than E-mail. Some one in yalls computer department modified THIS COMPUTERS ##'s, so when it contacts yalls computer yalls computer tells this/my computer where to go an it's sure not to the dashboard where EVERYTHING IS SHOWN. At the dashboard simply 'click' on the woodworking, hand tools, new, pulse and go with that one, PLUM SIMPLE!! But NOW when I get on HERE up comes very top of site with a full page about veterans. ME TRYING TO GET ANYWHERE ELSE IS like pulling teeth. I know I'm not important to this site, there's others (WWing forums)I can pull up simply by clicking on them. THIS IS FOR THE BLACK MUSLIMS IN COMPUTER DEPT, you'll have to select another old fart to get your giggles from, cause I wont be here.
  9. Heaw I go again, been trying for at least 5 min. aint got there yet, so I'm gone.
  10. It's getting more complicated to get on FREE & others!!!!!!!
  11. Shoot, lots ppl kant unnerstand southern English.
  13. By George I done went & opened a box of info on using Cedar!! I have several board ft. of it under the shelter, now I'm ??'ing muself bout building Cedar Chest wit it!! Good Grief Charlie Brown what else/other can I do with it, it needs ta be planed prolly be 3/4" after. Dag gum, yall got my old brain thanking, heaw I wuz thanking I had something special, guess I'll do other wise. UNLESS SOMEBODY gives me good idea what I can do with it. Guess I could build a set of those's 'cuties' truck bodies, ya kno, ones only one four inch board high, goes to bout middle of bed and & stops, you kno what I mean. THANKS EVERYONE for information.
  14. somebody needs their eye glasses updated 1/4" aint 14 by a long shot. OK bac ta tha salt mine, quite day, jes me.
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