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John Morris

Shurly Dietrich Perfect Saw Jointer

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What does this tool do? I found this in a collection of tools I have that was given to me. Any help is greatly appreciated.











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Missing a file, but a flat file is inserted/held in place then run across the top of hand saw teeth to joint for a consistent height before sharpening.


https://toolemera.com/Manufacturers %26 Merchants/Mfg. opqrs/mfg.-shurlydietr.html


Edit add: Click on the catalog icon in the link to download a PDF copy of the catalog.

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See page 71 of the catalog...new it was $3/doz...since yours is used I'll give you $0.25 for it.:ROFL:


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Well all be gosh danged, thanks Gramps! I actually have four four of them!

So I have this saw jointer, I have a tooth set, I do have files, guess I'm ready to delve into the art of saw setting and sharpening!

Thanks again!

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