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steven newman

Yet another pile of pine boards

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Well, digging around, found a few pieces of pine still sitting around


including a couple 10 footers!    laid out a couple cuts, trying to get enough for another table top.   These will be 36" or so long.   Got three decent looking ones out of the two long planks.  Clamped them together


And then jointed the edges straight(er) and smooth.  

Next day, clamped the three into a panel like contraption


Adding a clamping caul to both ends, to try and keep things a little flatter


And let it cure out for awhile....


Clamps came off, not that  pretty of a sight.  Have a Corsair C-5 Jack plane that is made into a long scrub plane, 8" radius on the iron.   Set it to work across the grain of the panel


A panel that is 16 x 36 will take a lot of them scallops..  Once the top had been scrubbed down to almost flat, it was time for a bigger jack plane to finish the flat part


A Stanley#5-1/2 Jumbo Jack.   15" by 2-3/8"  of heavy plane.   Working from the diagonals all the way down the panel, until all the scallops were gone


These biggie iron planes are nice, but after awhile in use, they get VERY HEAVY.   The #3 smoother came out to fine tune a couple spots, felt almost like a feather....


Letting this side acclimate, then I'll flip it over, and scrub down the underside.  This is part of a Kitchen Island Project.  Have to make some legs, cut some aprons, and build a drawer.   Boos says she also wants a door on it.....we'll see.  Just recycled pine, hope she doesn't want it painted...

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Looks like another fine Steve Newman project!

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Well, got the top all planed flat, finally, and even fitted some ends to it


Standing up back there against the old water heater.  That 2x4?

post-3502-0-75934600-1427773450.jpgBecame two of these four leg blanks. 


Have gotten some measurements for the sizes of the aprons.  Haven't decided on where a drawer will go.    There MAY be a bottom shelf, too.  Will have to see what is in the budget...


Legs needed a little jointing, so


now have four blanks squared up. 

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I really admire your hand plane skills...someday, maybe. Who am  I kidding, I'll never be that good at it! :lol:

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Me either Fred. I just love watching him take a pile of lumber and work his hand tool magic on them.


I have some and use a few, but I am a power tool guy at heart.

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Learn how to sharpen your planes guys!!!!


A sharp plane has more uses than just flattening boards!!!


I have a few low angle small planes (one recently fairly new) that I use on almost monthly basis.


I just made my own dowels with it!!!


Instead of firing up the tablesaw, a nicely tuned plane can knock out rabbets, dadoes and a scraping plane can make sanding almost a thing of the past!!!!


A sharp edge is your best tool!!

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Maybe not a freshly sharpened one, but


Seems to do ok.   Making rebates to set a plywood panel in.  This is the short ends.  The LONG sides were a little bigger


But it did make quite a bit of shavings


And, IF you look closely, you can see the rebates on the bottom stretchers


Glue-up of a Kitchen Island.   Will have drawers at each end.

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