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Found 12 results

  1. A couple pull out shelves that come out of our cabinet, that holds heavy pots and pans, mama is getting arthritis in her hands, and bending down, and getting back into the back of the cabinet to pull out those pots and pans, is getting to be a burden, I want her to be able to just pull out the shelf, and have the pots and pans right there for easy access. I was able to get the son in the shop and he really helped considerably. I loved my son tooling around in the shop when he was younger, I never discouraged it, but, one eye always had to be on him if I wasn't helping him. Today, at 15 yrs old, he is transitioning from a helper that needs help, to a helper that is helping. Without his help I could not have finished this project in one day, which I am not known for around these parts, typically even the smallest project takes a long time for me to complete. So thank you son! I don't really have any progress images, just images I took when I took a breather. Still loving my Shopsmith, with my son in the background working. Son was faring the edges of the shelves after we put the PSA edge banding on. I trimmed it back with the razor knife and he finished it off with a block and some 220 sandpaper. We are using prefinished Maple ply, made in the USA, this stuff is a joy to work with. The shelves installed. And Jeroid (jerod) is re-installing the doors. We didn't have to remove the doors to install the shelves, but they were just in the way. All wrapped up. Mom really love these, we were hero's yesterday, and when we woke up this morning, the first words out of her mouth were, "Papi, thank you again, I am so happy". I told her, you are the only wife I have, you gotta last! I am so happy she can simply pull these out and just reach down for a heavy pot, instead of having to get on her knees, dig around, and pull one out, she has always had bad knees too, her caps always get misaligned, so this really is a welcome change in the kitchen for her. When she gets the pot(s) she wants, she can just kick the shelf closed, we installed the slow closing slides so she can really give it a good kick and it won't slam closed. Any questions feel free! Any constructive critiques are most certainly welcome as well!
  2. I’m not sure if I ever posted this or not. If I did then just know my memory is going as I get older and over look me! We did this complete office out of Hickory Slabs. The desk has a live live edge on one side and is two slabs glued together. The ends were made of thick pieces of Hickory and we put metal conduit in the middle and painted them black. The shelves were all slabs with live edge. Used the conduit as supports painted black. They painted the wall behind the shelves black. The black wall really let the light Hickory slabs stand out. The desk was finished with self leveling Epoxy. I really love the rug they chose to bring it all together. A really nice custom office.
  3. Much to contrary belief, I am still alive and working in the garage/shop since we moved from So. California back in October to Bowling Green, KY. We have had so much going on with getting our house in order as well as getting hooked up with a great church in town. https://livehopeful.com/ We have been getting involved in church life and they have just built and opened a new "Pregnancy Center" on site for expectant moms who are looking to choose life for their baby over abortion. My wife has been volunteering a couple of days per week and I have been busy picking up things for them and helping with some repairs. With all the cold weather in the garage, I was having trouble getting stuff done because it was so cold. With all the metal hardware in my spine the cold really messes me up. So after talking with Ron Dudelston on the phone, he suggested that I insulate the metal roll up 2-car garage door. So I went to Home Depot and picked up styrofoam panels and used construction adhesive and metal duct tape and installed 1.5" worth of foam. Insulating the door made it about 15-20 degrees warmer which made my life much easier. So I have been able to get started on building storage over the garage door. Got a bunch of 2x4's and long lag bolts to screw it all into the studs for storage of lighter weight stuff like Christmas stuff and other more lighter stuff so I can clear out the floor space in the garage for putting up some metal garage shelves so that I can start digging out my power tools and such. Today I should be able to get the 2 metal shelving units put together.......hopefully. Tomorrow Tami and I will be dropping off the Schnauzer at a "Doggy Day Care" in town overnight and head to Nashville for the day and then go to the "Switchfoot Concert". We got a hotel there for the night after the show. We have a couple of neighbors that will keep an eye on the house while we are gone. We are soooooooo looking forward to getting away.
  4. steven newman

    opened up

    From the album: Fireplace Surround

    details of the insides. Where The Boss will store all of her books.
  5. Working on garage shelves for my son and I think I made better progress today by myself than with his help last night. the brackets on the back wall he helped with. Today I cut long supports and shot ones and put up the side wall brackets so far.
  6. From the album: Pine Stepback Cupboard

    View of the inside of the bookcase, with the door opened.
  7. steven newman

    opened doors.jpg

    From the album: A Stepback Cupboard

    Open the doors, to reveal the shelves. Lower two are to hold toolboxes and the like, for use around the house. Upper shelves are for books. Drawer to hide the bills in.... Plywood backs. Shelves slide into place with a sliding dovetail joint. One of the few times I used an electric router for this project.
  8. While building some cabinets for a kitchen remodel, I had to apply edge banding to several shelves. OK, it was 14 of them! I had seen a Woodsmith video where they demonstrated how to trim the edge with a router, so I tried it. That was easy and went fairly quick also. Basically, you do two or more shelves at a time. Put them on edge with a spacer in between. Then run a router with a flush trim bit along the edges. Zoom, zoom! I think the pictures tell the story better than I can describe it. The wooden hand clamps worked very well to stabilize the whole thing. Well, I might have used a couple more clamps to keep everything stable.
  9. I received a text a few minutes ago from the coordinator of the cabinet project that I am doing for a nearby school corporation. A couple of weeks ago I delivered the first 13 units and I heard that the teachers were very pleased with their new acquisitions and I think this picture is a testimony to that statement. I have only 3 more to build so hopefully I'll have them built by next weekend and all finished and delivered by the middle of the May.
  10. Cherry Entertainment Towers Posted 8/25/2007 11:36 PM CDT Had been encouraged by the wife to build these for some time now. Spent maybe a year checking other designs an making plans. Tracking my time and will give it when finish. The towers are 6 ft tall X 22 inch wide and 24 inch deep.Caucus began with making raised panels for the sides. The sizes basically echo the interior. The panels are prefinished with BLO and Garnet Shellac for base color. Will cover all with varnish on exterior when complete. Glue up of a panel this size and number of panels was a challenge and provided several lessons in how to get the panels and rail in evenly. Dados cut into rails to fit plywood shelves and make for a more secure joint. Caracas glue up using blocks cut to ensure square. Sides are rabbited to give more glue area for face frames. Face frames are joined together with pocket screws. Caracas with face frame attached now ready for base of 2X4 lumber with covering of cherry with simple molded edge The crown molding was a 4 piece made at the router table (top plate, crown and cove) and tablesaw (dentel) This is what the build on the molding looks like. After a few years we got rid of the old tv for an LED so needed a stand.. Made this to fit the existing spot and placed wheels on it for ease of wiring. Shelves made to fit existing equipment . Was expecting to place the bass in the large hole and place a door on it but changed my mind after reading about magnets and tvs. Used pocket screws for a hump over the wheels so that they do not appear to the eye, This almost makes the shlf look like it is floating . Once trim was added to front wheels are covered. Forgot to take a pic of the completed stand so had to stop and do that. The top is beaded and has a beaded molding added plus a cove.
  11. I was asked by our local library if I would build 3 shelving units for storage. I did the project as a public service and only charged for the material. Next time may be different.
  12. Some more free plans from Popular Woodworking. Simple small Shaker floor bookshelf and a simple wall shelf. APR07PW_36-37_ICDT.pdf HangingShelves.pdf
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