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Found 13 results

  1. Simple enough title. Thinking maybe build a box from the results? For right now, this will be about turning thick scraps into thin scraps..and the steps I use.. First, rounded up a few likely suspects.. Then set up the tablesaw. Wanted to saw a kerf all around each piece....helps with the handsaw part. had to check the blade.. Run the blade all the way up, use a square to check for any tilt...no gaps seen. That red plate sit lower than the surrounding top, and has a wide opening..too wide. So. I use a "Zero Clearance Overlay" of 5mm plywood. Slot was cut by the blade. Then, lay a fence on top.. Set the height of the blade above the plywood to 1"....then set the width between the fence and the blade to just a hair under 3/8", and clamp everything in place.. Check to make sure things are aligned up square..and.. We are ready to go....made 4 passes on the wider scraps.. making sure the board doesn't lean either left or right. The skinny scraps? just 2 passes and done.. Which meant the special push stick was needed... The "blade" on this handsaw is a plywood strip, with a notch. Plywood blade is fitted to an old saw handle...keeps me fingers safe. Now, I could use the bandsaw to finish the cuts... But the blades seem to burn their way through.. Too much work to smooth out...there ARE other ways.. And get a Cardio Workout to boot...and even some actual Saw Dust.. Which leaves a few saw marks.. Which means I have to turn this into.. This. We have ways.. And another Cardio Workout, to boot. Whew. Once I get all these planed flat and smooth, I can start to lay out to build a box, with a few drawers? Lowes has thin "Project" boards...cost a bit, and they only have Pine, Poplar, or Oak in stock...and not any Ash. Thinking something like the project Paul Sellers is working on, maybe add a second drawer? There you have it, how I get thin stock, from thick. Beats planing away 1/4" of wasted stock. And..I am a bit ..cheap, er...Frugal. Do I continue with a box build here...or..start a new thread? Stay tuned
  2. Well, still had a plank of Walnut sitting around in the shop. 6/4 by 10" by 4' long. Decided (for some strange reason) to try to resaw the plank to something a bit thinner..... Clamped it up on the bench. Ran a jointer plane along the edges. End closest to the camera? I wasn't about top plane THAT much off. Found a stick of Oak, and a couple c clamps. Plan was to go as deep and straight as I could, and work my way around all four edges.....that WAS the plan... Saw didn't like this kind of work. Either bogged down, or pulled to one side. Tried an end cut Not the best. Once all four edges wer molested...er...cut. The plan was to use the bandsaw or a handsaw to finish the through cut.....handsaw was a fail...need a real one of about 4-5ppi. Bandsaw? Plank was about 1" too tall. #@#@@! So, slapped the plank onto the bench, marked a line right down the center, and used the circular saw to rip in into two halfway sawn planks. Tried the smaller pieces on the bandsaw, again....blade seems to be duller than Ferris Bueller's High School teacher......merely wanted to do curves......Resaw fenced the circular saw? Nah, just mark a line and saw with the circular saw... These are the "good" sides....the other faces will need a LOT of scrub plane work to get flat....I will also need to joint the edges a lot better. Then, with the rest of my "leftovers' A little fuzzy, was a bit tired and shaky.....Also have a 8/4 plank of Oak to mill down a bit. Single Brain Cell Sketch Up is working out the details for what to do with this pile of......wood. Might take awhile.....hard to tell what will get cobbled together......of course, that is what i said about the table I just finished up......stay tuned, the cussing has already started...
  3. Yesterday I walked into the shop with little time to do anything because we just had a full day, and it was late afternoon and I was really itching to do something, anything! So while LOML was getting ready for us to head out to our Anniversary dinner, I jumped out to the wood pile and just grabbed a log, any log, and cut it down to a block on my band saw. I am horrible at identifying logs based on bark, so I did not know what I was cutting into till I cut into it, as soon as the blade hit the end of the log I smelled the Pine, so that is what I had, was pine. When I originally grabbed the log, I was hoping it was some kind of hard wood, so I could cut it down and produce some Krenov style plane blanks. But it was fun anyway. Here are a couple images of how it went. I used my Grizz G0555 14" bandsaw with a 3/4" 3 TPI blade. And it cut through the 12" log with no problem. Now what do I do with this Pine squared up blank now? You got me, any ideas or suggestions?
  4. Other WIP was getting a bit long-winded, so might as well do one about the other side of the dresser build. First, a bit of glue up had to go on.. each panel was "popped out", a bead of glue run around on the rebates. Panel back in, and nailed down. I also trimmed the top of the corner posts flush with the top rail.. was going to handsaw this....decided the cordless saw was quicker....Set this mess aside, and clear the deck... The shiny end? I ran a plane around, to level the top a bit, was getting a might beat up, lately. Time to process six parts.... Ok, they DO need a bit of work. Found the shortest one, and marked the rest to match. Hauled each around to the mitre box, and trimmed the ends, making sure I was cutting the worst end, of course. Got these all nice and trimmed up.. Lots of saw marks on the sides....some rails were thicker, or wider than the others..we have ways... I also set a combo square to the distance needed. Wider ones were planed down to match the others, same with the thicker ones, finally got this stack done.. I think I can live with that. Crosscut a 2x4 into a pair of corner posts..... But they needed resawn down a bit. Set up the jig on the bandsaw to cut for a width of 3" strong. Leaves a little for the planes. Ran into a problem or two... Mitre Box was in the way. Moved bandsaw a bit forward. Blade stopped dead in it's tracks.....Had to tear things down, clean everything out. Left the cover off, and started the saw...cool block was hanging up, moved it aside. Lots of pine gunk on the saw blade. Started the saw up, and use the end of a file to scrape the gunk off the blade. Did not get near the teeth, though. Put things back together, re-set the jig Finally got both resawn down to 1" thick, by 3" wide. And, of course, ONE had to start bowing....clamped the two together, hoping the bow will settle down. Stash these aside for now.. As I needed the bench for other chores.... I can get these all molded up....next time I go to the shop...to be continued...
  5. That are too big for the burn pile? Got three 2 x 10 x 18" scraps.....will try to build a plant stand of some sort out of them. Will take quite a bit of resaw/rip cutting...we'll see Single Brain Cell Sketch Up is right now working on the details......waiting on the results. One of the three will get made into a set of legs.....may be a bit different style than the last batch.....other two MAY be a glue up....maybe. Stay tuned.....
  6. A friend is making some Japanese tool boxes for his grandkids (I did a show and tell of these at the May club meeting). I suggested he use wood 1/2-5/8" thick to keep them from getting two heavy. I also suggested the following method that I've used before to get good wood. I buy 2x10 or 2x12 Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) meant for joists. It is relatively knot free. And if you get some with the pith down the middle you can saw out an inch or so and get perfect quarter-sawn lumber. Then you re-saw and you get wood just a fraction less than 3/4" that you plane down to desire dimension. Over time SYP gets as hard as oak. He came over yesterday and we planed down the sawn and factory surfaces. He's edge-gluing them today and I think they'll look great when done. If you've never seen one, they are pretty neat. The top slides one way to open and the other to close securely. Then end cleats make handles.
  7. For a lid for the latest rifle case, mesquite was selected. Love that stuff but, it can be challenging. All my mesquite of the required length and width is milled at a full 8/4. Nice for tables and such but not for box lids. So, it was resaw time. My Shopsmith band saw is limited to 6" of resaw capacity and the lid needs to be 6.75" ( I ripped it to 7.5") so, I used the table saw and got most of it cut. Had about 1.5" left in the middle. No problem. It's only 48" long. Whipped out the Disston and went to work. At about the sawblade's depth, internal stresses grabbed it and everything stopped. Finally got it freed and tried a Ryoba 9 tpi. 4 or 5 strokes and it got stuck. Took two wedges and a mallet ( No, not any of those, Lew) to get it loose. Time to skin the cat. After 4 cups of coffee...Coffee makes pondering easier...I concluded a trip to town was in order. Came home with a Skil recip saw and a 10" blade. In five minutes the job was done. That saw brooks no nonsense. And, now reasonably wide resaws are no longer a problem. And, Gene's got another new tool. A real cat skinner.
  8. I gotta get me some maple boards. I have this little wood rail that I fasten to one side. it gives me a two sided reference to get my forst teo sort of square and sort of flat surfaces.
  9. As this one needs to be tossed out.. Bottom has broken out the sides. and the back. May salvage the hinges. Unsure about the lid, just yet. Still need a new home for these toys.. Rosewood, Brass & Steel. needs a better home. Old box has had a cat pee on it a couple times....time to toss it out. Found some chunks of Cherry... Mostly 4/4 rough sawn Cherry, left over from a Candy Box build. Figured I could resaw them down to 1/2" thick stock, and built a new box? Marked a center line, and made a resaw cut on the bandsaw. Roughly 1/2" thick on both. Takes a while to saw, too..... Two boards done. Shorty is because the 4/4 was tilted at the start of the cut. I merely cut off the weird end. The blanks behind these two? Might find a use for this "Bead Board" , maybe around the lid? Ok, the bolt holding the thrust bearing in the upper guide on the bandsaw went a-rolling off the bearing, and onto the floor....somewhere. Used a prybar to move the bearing out a bit.....seemed to run better without the bolt......Bearing seems to be locked up, anyway. Someday, I get a new bearing. let the entire bearing just rotate along. still have a few more boards to resaw.. All marked up, and ready for the saw. Knee is acting up....thanks to having to drive the Boss around this afternoon. Had it "pop" while walking out of the store. Hobbled out to the van. Right now, sitting and resting the knee. maybe later I can replace a light fixture at the backdoor? Trying a "Finger and a half" of Crown Royal Vanilla, neat...to see if that helps the knee... Corner joints this time? Maybe 1/2" through Dovetails? handcut , of course. Maybe a different layout for the toys? Deeper box? The BIG bevel gauge is a 12" model. stay tuned..... Anyone see a bolt laying around?
  10. Measured out an 18" long section, and proceeded to crosscut a chunk off.. Took a lot of wax on the blade. I didn't feel like dragging the circular saw down the stairs... 18" was a bit too much to crosscut on the bandsaw, Finally Set the one section aside, needed to joint one edge square... The plane has a walnut fence, to help stay square, Plane is a Stanley No.7c, type 9 Shavings seem to be walnut, also... A little sap wood. Needed this board to have a square corner, to make it easier to resaw.. This is from the second board, first one gave me three pieces... But, at only 15" wide...I needed a fourth one to make a 18" diameter round top....so That blaack knot will be heading to the outside, where the cut will be coming around. Need to start jointing edges, to do a glue up.. One way to hold it. Plane is a bit too long, about 2" longer than the boards. I suppose I could drop down a size or two. Plan right now is to get these four glued up into a panel, The day after the glue is cure, I can flatten the entire panel, and cut it into a circle. The leftover slab sitting on the bandsaw will be cut into three curved legs. Still have the two shorter planks.....maybe a glue up into a column blank for the lathe? It 's start anyway.....Now, IF I can find that fellow Gumption again, I might just cobble something up? 87 degrees outside, and HUMID.....shop isn't much better...
  11. At least it looks like, smells like Cherry. A look at the bark? Two pieces with bark, sitting on some pine I had earlier resawn. Not all the Cherry came off the bandsaw... Not the prettiest ones. Some of the others were a bit...worse.. Had a tilt going on too. Will scrub plane these two flat this weekend. Now, about that box? I figure I can get all four sides out of these two boards. I might be able to get at least a top out of the other two.. Might get both the top and bottom? Cut in half, and glue two panels. Laid out some toys...er...tools, to make finger joints with.. Also need to bring the Stanley #45 down to the shop....might have some work for it to do.... As for the rest of the shop, tool wise...maybe a $0.05 tour? An 0-7 and a blue Stanley.. That stool is where I'll be sitting on, while chopping and sawing. Planes are a #7, and a #5 by Stanley There are two other planes at the "ready" Along with a few chisels and squares. Somewhere in there, is a fancy marking knife. Planes are both #3 size, speaking of planes This is the bottom of the Plane Till. There are even a few spokeshaves (3) sitting there. Plane over by the oilstones is a Scrub plane. As for the rest.. Light is from the grinder There are a pair of drawknives hanging up at the top. I did find a piece of cherry I've had in the shop for a few years.... Might be able to make use of it? Next time? Hoping to have a few finger joints chopped, maybe some grooves for a bottom milled. Just the start up, tonight.
  12. steven newman

    4x4 on bandsaw

    From the album: Pine 4x4 Table

    Looking at the side of this little table. This is how it started out. Four non-treated 4x4x30" cut-offs, resawn into a table.
  13. Seems there were 4 Pine (non-treated) 4x4s in the Dining Room.....Boss is in clean up mode.....Soooo Used a brand new toy for some Layout work Christmas present..Squanson 6" combo square. Set it at just over an inch. Mark a line down each side of a 4x4.....prepare to resaw! Bandsaw has a fairly new 1/2" wide blade. First couple cuts....not that great. needed some adjustments before the second 4x4 was cut. Still wanted to wiggle around the lines. Got the first slab onto the bench, and went to flatteb a side or two, used a scrub jack plane... Hungry sucker...It is a normal length Jack plane, with a highly cambered iron. Took MOST of the high points down close to the lower stuff. Finished up with a slightly bigger ( and HEAVIER) plane Stanley #7c Jointer plane. Also used a non cambered jack, and a #4 smooth plane. Made a mess of the bench top... The plane laying on it's side is a Union #5c. Worked my way through three slabs. then cut three more slabs at the bandsaw. back was starting to hurt.. Not the straightest cuts around. Need to do a panel glue up, and see what cuts need to be made. Have a couple more pine boards to bring down from the dinning room. Thinking MAYBE one of the two 4x4s left will be cut for leg blanks..of some sort. Might try tomorrow to plane down the second batch, and make the panel up. I also had to sweep the floor tonight.. And, this was half of the shavings...so far. 4x4s were from the Loft bed build over Christmas....I sawed a chunk off to get the correct height. Now I need to make use of the "leftovers" Back was getting sore and stiff...called it a night, headed for the HOT heating pad for the computer chair. Single Brain Cell Sketch Up is coming on-line, might, just might come up with a plan Thinking either a Shaker End Table...or...a Tavern Table. Stay tuned
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