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Found 11 results

  1. this is another yesteryear that was all face lift w/ rot at the brick elevation.. the T1-11 was poorly flashed letting water seep back into the rim joist and rotting it out.. the windows leaked so bad there was a perpetual breeze strong enough to blow out candles. here's the start... an over view of the finished project from the front... the triple window replacement w/ new headers and built mullions from Redwood... when the T1-11 was removed to fix the rot at the brick the bricks fell off of the house... the stays had rusted away... cleaned all of the bricks and put them back up... New OH doors w/ Redwood frames and Cedar facade... Revamped entrance... installed new door... overhauled backside w/ the same rot repair here too... also the new fascia and soffit.. gutters came later... cleaned up gable end w/ the swamp cooler relocated from a window to the gable and ducted through the house...
  2. Here is a project I did (yesteryear) cleaning up after somebody else.. Windows leaked air and water.. (no flashing) Limited house wrap... Bay window was falling out of the wall.. All of the windows were not coplaner... Poorly done/incomplete flashing on the bay... the change... my copper work... the corbels are steel... midway...
  3. My son is remodeling his basement and is planning to use Kraft faced fiberglass insulation. Does he need to install a barrier between the insulation and inside of the exterior wall? Danl
  4. And what a job it turned out to be! After finishing the first bedroom I posted up a few pics and a short description of a few "problems". The second bedroom is pretty much a mirror of the first, except it has nicer windows on the end wall. Same problems were encountered here. This was a home built in the late 80's, the upstairs was pretty non-descript; no trim except around windows and doors, good thick carpet (to mask the underlaying problems), vanity light and mirror in the bathroom did not line up because the studs were not convenient to the location, etc. etc. Here are a few before and after pics. Laminate flooring in the hallway and bedrooms, vinyl planks in the bathroom. The linen closet in the bathroom always presented a problem opening the door as the commode was in the way. I discovered and realized that a smaller closet had been framed up in the attic and then not used. I decided to use it. Also in the bathroom I put up a new wall and built the vanity to fit - and to finish it off made a matching frame for the mirror and reverse etched and painted the mirror. While engaged in this project I did redo the stairwell ceiling, painted those walls and hung a new light fixture to match the bedroom dormers. And added a home-brew crown moulding to all spaces. The bedrooms ended up with approximately 31 square feet added in each room with the dormer enlargements. The bathroom has about 6 square foot extra. I sure am happy to close this one out. Just need to do a good deep cleaning of everything now and build some furniture to go with the beds. Cal
  5. Preparing to replace an old tub/shower with a new tub. The instructions call for support under the whole assembly, with a mortar mix being recommended. This will be upstairs on a plywood floor, I am not to keen on the idea of mixing up and pouring a bag of ready mix up there. Before reading the instructions I was planning to use a can or two of non-expanding foam insulation. I will have access to the underside from the attic behind the wall. What do you pros use for this application? Cal
  6. Maybe I should be happy that they placed the crown up on these boards... Continuing with the upstairs remodel and the two bedrooms. In the one room, the particle board underlayment was quite wavy and so not level. I decided I would pull it up and lay a new layer of 3/4" t&g OSB underlayment. After pulling the particle board up it was very obvious to me that the subfloor had been rained on during construction 30 years ago. It was pretty wavy and soft in a couple spots. I decided to pull a couple pieces of the subfloor and install some canned LEDs in the living room below. Two of the 2x12 floor joists were cut nearly all the way through. I guess they did that to eliminate a high spot? It is not evident in the ceiling downstairs. In any event, I scabbed a piece of 2x10 across them and installed bridging. Years ago I had paid good money to have that space insulated with blown in insulation. Pretty evident that didn't get done properly either So, installing insulation, scabs, bridging, screwing down the subfloor, leveling and screwing down the new underlayment I moved onto bedroom #2. Not quite as bad to begin with, the floor was pretty level and the particle board in "ok" shape - but I pulled it anyway. Only one joist cut, and pretty much zero insulation... Cal
  7. The contractor finished up his part this week. Took them right at 11 1/2 work days, just the man and his son. I helped with some of the bull & gopher work and made sure lunch got here and did all the clean up each day. The initial plan was for them to tear off the dormers, make them larger and hang the drywall inside. I did a "change order" and included having them finish the drywall and I am glad I did. I did study their drywall techniques and hope I can replicate some of that as the project goes into later phases. I took two pickup loads of debris to the landfill, just over a ton total. While this was going on I wasn't too active on this, or any other site. I was a tired puppy at the end of each day! Herewith, a couple before and after pics... Before, the dormers were 3' x 3' ID. The bottoms of the windows were right at eye level: After... The dormers are 6' x 7' ID. Larger windows are now 40" off the floor:
  8. Been doing a family room/bar in the basement for the last month or so. why did I do a curved wall, just because I could, and it also curves the the new stairs I will be putting in, the Mrs. wants a sliding barn door for the utility room I am doing everything in rustic hickory. one picture shows how the bottom of the stair will look.
  9. This piece continues the ongoing saga of our house remodel. Before moving upstairs to tackle the bath and bedrooms, we removed a load bearing wall between the kitchen & living room. We also moved the dining area from a small room off the kitchen to one end of the living room. That living room was large... and long... To help make up the loss in counter and storage space I thought it would be nice to build a kitchen island. After a few hours on pinterest and other picture sites (unnamed and I think I have deleted browser history...) we settled on a plan. A little of this pic, a little of that pic. You can relate. So the island started out at 5 feet, then had a six foot bar height counter added. Keep in mind, this is a temporary piece. When we actually start the kitchen remodel this may stay or go. I am already leaning on the "go" as I think I can do a better working design considering the kitchen-living-dining area as a whole. With that in mind from the get-go, this project introduces me to cabinetry and allows us to try out a few new (to us) ideas. Cabinet drawers, counter to sit at, the whole open concept thing. The chairs I purchased at auction over the summer. The Mrs. recovered the seats and backs. I think they came out pretty awesome. One thing that surprised me was the cost of this thing. Not even adding in items already on hand I am kinda in shock over the final cost. That is because I use a lot of recycled wood, and I have a stack of oak and pine cut from our yard. I used oak and birch plywood on this for ease, speed and (I thought) cost! Cal
  10. Most of the time it seems the new post is a call for help, in a jamb and need some help getting out. I thought a good topic might be to take a room remodel that you have done and relay what one or two modification/change/update you made that really makes a good change for you. Does not have to be major, or expensive, just a change that you are very happy that you implemented. The goal would be to pass on some really beneficial info to others planning a remodel or change to a room. I thought I would start the topic this week with the bathroom. And yes, I have a bathroom to remodel in 2017! I will even start off since I completed a remodel of our master bath last year. Two items that I incorporated last year in the master bathroom remodel that I really like a lot. A very simple swap of the exhaust fan on/off switch to a timer switch. From 5 min. to 30 min. I really like it. No more turning the fan on and then wondering an hour later if I turned it off. Set it and forget it. Got it on Amazon for about $25 bucks. It does take up some space in the box though. In my pic, the toggle switch next to it is for the ceiling lights. The second item is the flooring we used. To replace the broken and cracked ceramic tile we installed "vinyl tile wood planks". It snaps together and floats like laminate flooring. It is very warm in the winter, cool during the summer. Has a textured surface so not at all slippery like the tile was. I really like it and plan to use it upstairs next year. So, how about it folks. Done a change to the bathroom that you really like having done it? Cal
  11. Bath Fitters has come and gone but the remodel continues. We ordered a custom vanity top but it won't be here for another couple of weeks. There's a lot of work to be done before it gets here. Mimi picked out the lights she wanted- after I had finished the painting. She picked 2 lights, unfortunately there is only one mounting box/access. I really didn't want to have to cut into the freshly painted wall and mount a retro box, so we settled on an escutcheon plate style mounting piece. Here's what I came up with- In order to keep from having to make a second hole in the wall, I opted to run the wires within the wooden plate. Some templates and a router created the "raceways" for the wiring. Wire nuts for the connections and silicon caulk to keep things connected and in place- tape is just there until the caulk cured. Ready for the wall- The vanity cabinet and a small wall cabinet are coming together, also- The doors are raised panel, stick and cope construction- got the ones for the wall cabinet glued together today. As well as the hinges located, drilled and test fitted. This is my first time using "Blum" hinges- at 93¢ each, the price was right. Other than the rather large "clearance distance" between the back of the door and the face frame, I like them. I think I'm going to make the drawer boxes with thru dove tails and add the fronts. So much to do, so little time!
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