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Found 19 results

  1. Yep, another rehab. This be a PIP of where this big guy is at right now Clamps are there to hold those tabs in lace while the super glue sets up. Top of the body has been cleaned off. Sides have had a plane work them back to almost new. At least the old cruddy finish is gone. Sole has been planed flat as i can get it. Not 100% flat, but good enough for this shop. Tote has seen a wire wheel to get most of the oil finish off, and some of the old paint splats. Tried to flatten the toe a bit, almost back to a level front porch. Might still turn a front Kanoobie... Wedge has been tuned up, cleaned up, and an oil finish is on it. Rest of the body has at least five coats, so far. Wood might be a tad dry? Body is 22" long, iron is 2-1/2" wide, about the same as a Stanley #7 iron bodied plane. Iron has been reground to get rid of a few nicks. Awaiting it's turn on the oil stones... Might not be too bad a plane...afterall?
  2. From the album: 2018 TPW Gathering

    Showing off all of the goodies that were supplied by our gracious sponsors.
  3. OK, the chicken and sides are ordered, as are the donuts. I have the drinks, fruit, and pies on hand. So I guess there's no turning back now (at least for me). Looking forward to meeting you. Latest on the weather: now they are saying a small chance of T-Storms in the AM (40%), so if yu want to stretch your legs walking around we should be good to go.
  4. OK, So the gettogether will be next Saturday and still appears to be on track (more on that in a minute). So yesterday in the mail was a package that had me puzzled. We buy a lot of stuff on line, and I get USPS/UPS and Fedex notices of deliveries, and I'm generally aware of what's coming. But this one I had me puzzled. So it shows up and lo and behold, one of our members made some gifts and sent them to add to the pile of stuff from the forum sponsers. I'll keep details of what this really cool gift is secret until we hand them out, and then post what (and who) back here after the event. My way of trying to entice others who might want to attend to show up. (For those who wonder what I'm talking about, more info on this thread.) Now, about the "on track" statement. I've mentioned my wife's health problems from time to time, and that's also why we'll have to wrap the event up maybe earlier than I would like (the 5:00 thing). But Wednesday she wasn't feeling so well and called the Doc. After describing the problem, she got to see him first thing Thursday morning. He wasn't able to diagnose a problem and ordered her to the hospital for tests and observations. She was released yesterday, and everything is (probably) fine. Seems she was a little dehydrated (symptom of the other problems). Not grubbing for well-wishes here, this is a big part of my life and often preempts other things. It was a bit of coincidence, but Ron Dudelson called me about the event and the swag bags we have while I was driving home from the hospital. So, the event is still on and all's well here. Looking forward to seeing everyone next well!
  5. OK, with the gathering date about a month off it's close enough to start setting things up. We had about 6 folks that thought they could be here, but let's start the count over to keep me from jumping back and forth between threads. I'm not asking for a firm commitment, just if it's likely you'll be here; the head count will allow me to plan for food and drinks. So here's what I'm thinking: Gathering will be at my place (17676 Wapakoneta Fisher Rd, Wapakoneta OH 45895) on Aug. 25th. Time will be starting around 10:00ish (or whenever you get here, and wrap up at 5:00 so I can start dinner for my wife. I'll provide lunch and drinks, current thinking is I'll get some fried chicken and a couple of side dishes. I'll also have soft drinks and water available. Some of you offered to bring something, what if I leave the snacks up to those attending? No agenda, mostly a meet/greet and jawbone, though Stephen offered to do some magic with a Stanley 45 which I think would be interesting. John thinks there will be some hand out stuff from Laguna (maybe t shirts, hats, etc.) and maybe Woodcraft, and Handy Dan won a Woodriver plane he's offered up as a door prize raffle. I'd like to see as many as possible attend, but know I'm a little far for some folks..those who aren't here physically I'm sure will be here in spirit. So a reply about you plan on coming , and any other input is what I'm looking for.
  6. Here are some more details about our get together this Saturday, specifically the food part. Here's what I know: I'll have donuts waiting here for you. Duck is bringing some coffee and homemade cookies. He's getting the coffee at DD, and mentioned bringing decaf and regular. I'll have cups on hand, I'll try to figure out the cream/sugar part. Does anyone need artificial sweetener? I'll have soft drinks (probably diet and regular Coke) and water to drink. I'll provide (most) lunch. I'll have fried chicken, potato wedges, mac N cheese, plates, tableware, napkins. Keith has mentioned bringing cole slaw. I'll also have a fruit bowl(apples/bananas). If the melon gods are smiling, I'll have some cantaloupe. My melons are up there with the best we've ever had, but that also makes them popular our kids and the local rodents. No promises on the melon, but we'll try. Should I get chips or something for the afternoon? Not planning to do so at the moment, but can adjust. What did I forget?
  7. I'm guessing this is pretty much the same forecast that many of the attendees are seeing, but for Saturday they are (currently) saying a chance of rain/storms and a high in the low 80's. One other thing, for those that can, we can probably make use of a few lawn chairs (or sit on the grass, or the floor, or the porch stoop).
  8. OK, our get together is 2 weeks from today. I'm still hoping others will be able to fit this into their schedule and show, but right now I'm planning on 8+ attendees. So here's what I'm thinking: We'll start around 10:00 AM or so. Most have a lengthy drive, so that time isn't precise....you'll get here when you get here. I'm planning lunch around noon, I'll have to go get the food (a 20 minute trip) and bring it back. I'm still thinking fried chicken and a couple of sides. I'll also have water and soft drinks on hand. Someone mentioned donuts, I can try to have some on hand in the morning. I think we'll also have some home made cookies around as well. Coffee also came up. I'm not sure how to handle that. I don't have a large pot (mine is a 5 cup Mr. Coffee) so maybe I'll ask you to bring your own. There id no agenda, other than Steven's demo of the Stanley 45 and other planes. (Steven, would 2' lengths in the demo boards be good?) This is mostly just a meet N greet and Jawbone. If some have to leave early due to the long trip, I understand. In any case we'll need to wrap up around 5:00 so I can get back to other duties around the house. I'm looking forward to this, and meeting those can attend. If there needs to be some changes to the above let me know. I had asked about a swap and sell, no one seemed to have an interest in that...but if you have something to sell (and it's portable) bring it along.
  9. Wow, August already and I'm looking forward to meeting folks at out gathering. To repeat some stuff: it's August 25th at my place, from 10:00ish to 5:00 or earlier (some of you have a good long drive to get here). I'll provide lunch and drinks (probably fried chicken and sides). More info in this thread. Some other thoughts: If a few of you could bring some folding chairs it would help, right now it looks like about 7-8 guests. Some have indicated they would like to bring some things; how about snacks? Duck soup will be bringing home made cookies...maybe some chips or whatever). Bring cameras, I'll be taking photos but many more is better. What have I forgot? Suggestions welcome.
  10. Just a reminder about the planned gathering next month on August 25th. (Earlier thread about this here). At this point everything is still looking good, so if anyone missed the earlier talks and would like to come you can mark your calendar.
  11. OK, there was one favorite day for a gathering, and I was reallly happy to see 11 members voted on the choices. However there was 4 dates that were close so i think maybe we can pick the best from these now. August 25 was the biggest vote getter, and the month of August in total led the choices. Now for some sweeteners to entice attendance: Steven Neuman offered to do a small demonstration with a Stanley 45... John Morris will try to come up with some door prizes. I will (if you want) have donuts upon arrival, along with getting a lunch/drinks/snacks/. If anyone else has a small demo to do I'm sure we will be interested. For those that might have missed the initial info: this will be mostly a meet/greet/jawbone affair for members at my shop. (Wapakoneta, OH). I anticipate the gathering to go from roughly 10:00 or so in the morning to maybe 5:00 or so that afternoon. As mentioned lunch will be provided. I realize any commitments will be tentative until we get closer to whatever the date is, but if you think you might be able to make it, please vote on the date in the poll. Again, I've made this multiple choice so you can pick more than one. Please note the poll will close on 3/31!
  12. OK, lets try this out. I'm posting the dates for a potential gathering as described in the other post. What I'm listing here are the Saturday dates (only guessing that's the best day, but I can change that if needed). What I would like is that IF you think you can come, vote for the date that seems best. I'll do more polls if needed to further refine the choices. If I can give you the option to vote for multiple dates (my first time doing a poll) I'll do that as well. So lets see how this goes. (PS to John, I'm assuming you want this to be in the Free for all sections, and I don't see the ability to add tags like you wanted in those posts) Anyway, vote for the dates above in the poll:
  13. In looking at the poll for a proposed gathering, it's seems August is clearly a leader in the minds of most. So Far at least 8 members have voted. Anyone else who want to chime in please do so. I'll wait until this weekend ( 3/24) for others then close this poll and then try to zero in on the exact date. Thanks to all who have voted so far, and for putting up with my incompetence in setting this up. Here is the poll thread. Here is the original proposal.
  14. I've been kicking this around for a while. I'm a little nervous about asking since this may go south, but here goes. I'm willing to host a gathering/get together/whatever you want to call it if there's any interest. Some things that will make this hard to do: The date....picking a date that fits anyone's/everyone's schedule is hard to do. It's impossible to find one day that's good for everyone. I'm retired, so any day/date will be good for me as long as it doesn't interfere with one of my wife's doctor visits (I'm the driver). The content: I won't be able to provide any demo's or entertainment unless someone brings something. So this would mostly be a meet/greet/jawbone affair. Food: I would be willing to provide lunch/drinks/snacks. Likely some kind of fried chicken or such. Timing: because I'm also doing things for my wife (like cooking dinner) we would likely have to limit it to about 5:00 or so in the afternoon ending time, start anytime. The location: my place (search Wapakoneta OHIO) which as far as I know is only close to Newman. Most others will have a couple of hours drive, or couple of hours flight on John's company jet. Info that would be of use: How many would be probable for such an event? Any suggestions for the agenda? Any interest in a swap and sell of stuff? What did I forget? I've participated in 2 of these type events (different forum) before, one was exceptionally well done...though the attendance was less than the host expected, I think there were probably 12 or so guys so up. The second was disaster....enough said. I'd rather not do one than host a disaster. Thoughts opinions appreciated.
  15. I get to this show every few years, and it's everything they say it is. And now we've both moved and it's about 7 miles away instead of 70. If you're anywhere nearby, don't miss it. It's a lot of carvers, and the rest are turners, woodworkers of all sorts and vendors. I'll be there Sunday. http://daytoncarvers.com/artistryinwood.html P.S. Yesterday I sat in on some taping of Popular Woodworking's I Can Do That video series. Had a great time as "the studio audience" and talking to Chad Stanton and David Thiel who's been with PopWood for years. </drive by gloat>
  16. Woodworking club located in Cincinnati and surrounding areas. Over 100 members. Meets bi-monthly except July for educational meetings. Annual spring seminar and special events throughout the year as available
  17. All the sanding dust had to go somewhere, but why on my planes? After I finished a glue up, I gave a few a wipe down.. Yep, that is a clothes dryer back there, and they are sitting on a hamper. I have to share space with the Laundry room. Front to rear: Ohio Tool Co. No. 0-7 ( smooth sole) and a pair of Stanley No. 7c, type 9 jointers. The one in back has "loaner" handles, until I can afford the Rosewood ones. The other jointer in the shop.. Is what Stanley called a Small Jointer.....No.6c, type 10. Lot of weight here, so I had better put them away, until needed. The 0-7 is marked on the toe of the plane, the rest have theirs on the rear porch.. I seem to recall Ohio using mahogany for their handles, Stanley at this time was using Rosewood. Just a look at the shop's cordless jointers...
  18. This came in the mail yesterday, finally Ohio Tool Co. 0-7. Wood was in great shape, too. Other things weren't so much. Iron and chipbreaker were bent, badly. Got the chipbreaker almost straightened back out, the iron? Hammer didn't work, a vise and my hands was even worse....SNAP!! Bummer. I have a spare, but it is a Stanley version... Took a while to rehab the rest, but Same plane. Now, IF you want all the gorey details......
  19. Groundbreaking Ceremony, Sunday Oct. 19 at 12:30 p.m. Homes for our Troops is excited to announce that we are breaking ground in Wilminton, OH for Cpl Joshua Sams' new home. This home is provided mortgage-free to the Veteran and we need your help to make it happen! About the Groundbreaking: This is the first official ceremony to help kick off and celebrate the start of Cpl Sams' new home. Join us as Homes for Our Troops pairs with the Wilmingtoncommunity to kick off the build process. This is a chance to learn how you, your family, you company and friends can support this project throughout construction! Please RSVP What we Need: Community Support Volunteers, Tents, Tables, Chairs, Podium & Sound System, Escort Coordinator, Fund Raising Heroes Lunch Sponsor, Bake Sale & Raffle Coordinator, Honor Guard, National Anthem Singer
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