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Found 12 results

  1. John Morris

    Disston Saw

    This is not my saw, I found this image on Ebay and I just like it a whole lot.
  2. Boss wanted to check out a few yard sales, have Lunch out, visit Wall E World.....Ok.. On the way back home from such things...made one more stop at a yard sale....nose was itching.... Table had a metal B&D saw...sitting ON four hand saws.....Didn't need the circular saw...two of the handsaws weren't really worth picking up....#3 had a $20 price tag! OUCH! However...#4? First glance..looked like a Disston D-8....until I looked a bit closer at the handle.. 26" long, 10 ppi, skew back. Covertop handle. And CARVED.....a D-100. Price tag said $10...got it to $5 and bought it... Got it home....cleaned around where the etch should be...found one from about 1917 or so. Saw was made from 1900 or so up to 1922...The way the heel of the sawblade is made, and the DISSTON PHILA medallion looked...it is closer to 1914-1917 era. Still straight, still sharp. Non"show" side is a bit rusty, should clean right up. But......while there is the older Keystone ( 1840...and the French and Spanish trademarks) and the writing from Henry's signature......there is a VERY faint etch right in front of the handle.....about where the "Victory" etch would be.....Hmmmm...will see how it cleans up... Handle is very comfy...almost don't want to let go of it.... not too bad of a morning?
  3. Stumbled upon this site while researching a Victor smoothing plane. Lots of good information here about dating tools, restoration, etc.
  4. Eight bucks at the local resale store! One has a junk plate which is sad is it was such a full plated speciman! D8 thumbhole, number 12 and I believe a number 16 in the group that will be very workable. The other two are TBD. I wasnt in the saw market but the deal was pretty good and they are pretty straight and clean. More winter work for me.
  5. Had a few saws to work my way through. Brought home to "keepers" And a bunch for "parts" Sat down and tore down all the saws. Set aside the plates for the two keeper saws. Hardware headed for a good soaking Got the medallions out, and cleaned them up.. Which left this mess in the bowl.. I thought I had the correct handle for one of the saw plates.. D-16 handle......until I then cleaned the saw plate under it.. PACEMAKER....Keystone by Disston. had to dig through to find the correct handle for the saw.. Close as I could get. 1930s era saw. used to be a 7ppi, had been resharpened ( a few times) as a 8ppi. And restamped as an 8. I guess I can make some use out of it.. As for the second saw...had to find the correct handle, and the hardware.... As this was a bit older than the other saw. There are two etches on the cleaned plate I can read.. One of the left says this is a Disston No. 7 ...the one on the right claims this is the Property of the Bennington & Rutland Railway Co. Might be a "Keeper"? Almost forgot, out near the end of this saw.. That be a "nib" Maybe tomorrow, I can get something done in the shop.....
  6. Did not have much to do on the chisels,,,had a couple old saws, though Last year, I bought three saws for $3....one was a plastic handled Atkins...meh Number 2? Disston/HK Porter "Journeyman" saw. Even had the price tag on it. "etch" was a silk screened thing. Handle is a bit to blocky...soo. Saw #3? Same size, no hanger hole in the plate. Had a slight bend I had to fix. Still looking for an etch. Seemed to be a little older than #2. Still had a blocky handle....had Amazing what a bit of sanding can do. Hardware has been polished up. Plate was removed, cleaned and polished up. Handle was given a "wipe-on, wipe-off" coat of "Brew". Screws were clocked. Saw MIGHT look a bit better, now. Plate is straight. May go back and sharpen those 8ppi teeth, next time. Not too bad?
  7. Well, this 20" long saw has sat around long enough...maybe too long.. Nasty looking? Early 50s Disston saw. 20" long. 10 ppi....Decided to at least try to rehab it. Hammer to straighten a few bends....Set the bad spots over a leg of the bench, and pound away til flat.....er. 100 grit sandpaper on the palm sander, sand through a couple pieces....PBBlaster soak a bit, then 180 grit to sand it out. Looks a little better? BLO wipe on-wipe off for the handle. IF you look closely, you can barely see the side of the Disston "Keystone " etch. There is a little bit of writing beside it, too. Right below the handle is a "10" stamped. For 10 ppi. Plate is almost as straight as I can get it......may fine tune it later.....have other things to do.. Called a saw vise. This one is a Wentworth No.1 c. 1897. Got it down to the bench and wiped it down, then installed it in the end vise.. That be a 2x6 it is bolted to. It goes into the vise to hold the saw vise for use.....first off, needed to "Joint" the scraggle teeth down. Need files for that. Both a BIG,LONG file... For "scale", that be a normal 16oz claw hammer back there. Black Diamond, made in USA, File. Wound up taking the handle off, was getting in the way.....I do have a regular jointer.. Had a smaller file in it...was a bit worn out, though. Used the large file to try to get all those teeth to the same level.... Saw isn't missing any teeth, just some were worn more than the others.....this will take a while. Maybe by then, I can find a couple saw files of the right size. And, maybe, find out a bit more about this little saw....Next time I'll be doing a bit of sharpening on this saw. Files cost more than the saw did...
  8. I acquired this nice little 9" Disston aluminum Level today. The funny part is I saw it listed on Craigslist and it was in Florence. I text the number and ask where I could see it. When the address came back I knew the address, it was my barber. I called him and he had been out collecting and came across this level. I told him I would run by and pick it up. Here is an add for the level from an April 1929 Popular Mechanics magazine. The little level is in very good condition. Just needs a little cleaning, it has dirt packed in the corners. Marked as an A-10 and Disston made in U.S.A. It has three vials and all the bubbles and intact and in good working condition. All in all it is a very nice little level to add to the collection. Patriot Picking in my backdoor. Merry Christmas and Happy Picking! Disston A-10 Aluminum Level 1929 Popular Mech.tiff
  9. A couple of recent projects I have been working on. The first is a very old Spear and Jackson rip saw with a graduated tooth pattern. This saw is very old with no medallion and split nuts. No etch and the maker mark stamped out n the blade. I need to be on the lookout for a donor saw to replace the missing bolt and nut. The plate is very close to complete but has just a bit of a hook in it. I touched up the teeth a bit and was able to rip hard maple scraps quite nicely with it. I cleaned the blade only lightly on this one to keep the patina more intact. The second saw is an Atkins panel saw. This one is only about 20 inches long and hung in his small farm shop when I was a kid. I remember him using it now and again for building repairs etc. After his death in 1985, it fell into a poorer state through lack of use. I did not know it was still around until my dad recently produced it out of storage in the back of a machine shed. I found some very light etch when I cleaned this saw but not enough to save. This one is pretty straight, has been filed back to crosscut, waxed and polished. It will be in my kit for long term. Glad to have this one. I have a Disston as well from him that will need more help and perhaps a new handle. I will tackle that one soon.
  10. Not sure what happened in the first one. So, how about a couple skew back saws? Warranted Superior, 8ppi by Disston. And.. A D8 skew back crosscut 8ppi. From before 1928, no Hyphen. Next? These two are also from before 1928, when Disston redesigned the line. These two (Twins?) have a nib. They are 8ppi crosscut, straight back. One on the left has a bit of wear at the bottom of the handle. The Atkins handle needed a repair. It also has a nib. Just five saws I had all cleane up.
  11. To place on FeeBay. Five saws, all refurbbed up. Starting out with a 20" Panel saw. Sheffield brand by Atkins. will need some work on the teeth.
  12. Well, now that a door is finally out of my shop. Time to look over a "diamond in the (very) rough Picked it up for a dollar bill, only because there was a Disston medallion in place. Well it seems as though this saw was never sharpened since Old Henry himself sent it out from the factory. Teeth are still VERY SHARP, too. Plate is straight, one small crack in the tote. It closed up after the BLO hit it. Shined the brass up, got a replacement half of one of the bolts. And cleaned that plate back to non-rusty bare metal. 220 grit in a palmsander does the trick. I did find just a hint of the Scales from the etch, the rest was long ago rusted away. Well, lets see what a $1 saw does look like after a good clean up The "Bondo Pose" The "Money" side The reverse side. IF you look closely in those two shots, you might see a nib Yep, that is a nib. Detail of the tote It is called a Lamb's Tongue. Towards the teeth line, there is the number 7 No, it is not the Model number, it means there are 7 points per inch ( ppi) This was filed as a crosscut saw, with a LOT of set to it. Test drive was fast, and rough. Not too bad for a rusty $1 saw? BTW: Model Number? A H. Disston & Sons No.7 from about the....1900 to 1920 era.
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