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Pine Wood Bowl projects 2 bowls out of a 6 foot length board

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  So doing the lamination thing again this morning I made a run to home depot.  I managed to pick up a 6 foot length of Pine lumber.  it was a bit bigger than I was expecting it to be how ever I managed to get what I needed out of it.  Unfortunately I tried looking for poplar and or maple wood... But they haven't gotten in a shipment of hardwood lumbers at all lately I'm assuming from the causes of the fires down in California... That's at least what the clerk told me.  So I wound up buying the pine.   I'm hoping that it will make a decent set of bowls and turn easily.  I cut it down to the length and width I wanted which was ultimately 6x6x3.  I was able to get two blanks out of the lot of material.  So off to a good start I'm hoping they will be dried out by this evening so I can round them out on the band saw and get started on them.  UPS seems to like to delay my packages when they say they deliver today it wont be here until monday so not very happy about that but at least I've got something to keep me busy while I'm waiting on my cook woods order.  I just hope these pine bowls turn out nicely.  It is another wood species I've wanted to try turning.








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