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Hello from Eastern Shore Maryland

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1 hour ago, Shaun8484 said:

I like to do a lot of things around the house like shelves, garden boxes, cabinets.  I most recently finished (well, almost finished) a dry bar and wine rack for my kitchen area. I am looking to redo my existing deck and build a ground level deck off of it this fall/winter and build a wet bar to add onto the current bar I have already built in my basement.

We are about the same in this regard, projects for the house.  You will find alot of post in the Home Improvement Forum.  Did a deck refurb last summer myself.  Took me some time.





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Look these links over for ideas, or post your work, you will get lots of helpful feedback.  If you past as you get started and ask advice its like hiring an expert to guide you, minus the cost.






For some good laughs:





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Hi and welcome. My usual post to newcomers to the site is, I am still in the question asking category here, but there are a lot of highly knowledgeable people here who are in the question answering category. All are friendly, and this isn’t one of those “My way is the only right way to do this” places. So, hi!

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Welcome aboard, Shaun.  Glad to have you here.  Just grab a chair, bucket or something to sit on, bring your own brew and I'll browse around for some donuts.  They are getting pretty slim lately with the global pandemic.  As others have said, post and ask and some of these folks have so much knowledge, it can't be contained in a book, but there is usually a rather quick response with an answer that will help or guide you to become an excellent woodworker.  There is knowledge, fun and some sales.  Hope you see you posting efforts and projects.  

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