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Ok it is over and turned out very well. For background our club has scheduled Jimmy Clewes twice before this weekend and both times the weather caused cancellation of his flight. Well in January 2018 I saw him at the TAW Symposium and scheduled again. Through all the planning and communication finally he was here Friday. We had a great turnout Saturday for the demo and have six new members for the club. Had a great time and all our video and sound equipment worked flawlessly. What Can I say I was responsible for getting that done :Cheer:with some help we made it happen and every time we do this we will get better. Jimmy did four pieces and we all learned something.

      Today was the hands on and we had 8 people turning . We did a colored rim platter and a scorched ash bowl with lid to be completed in home shop. Needless to say we created a lot of compost or bedding material. Yes everyone had something to take home to work on finish. Overall it would have been worth twice the cost.





IMG_5264 (2).JPG

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Congratulations Gerald, that looks to have been a great weekend. I have watched a couple videos of Jimmy Clewes' giving a demo and he's quite the entertainer as well as an outstanding turner. It's amazing how much a person can learn during a hands on day with someone like him.



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