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Michael Thuman

Plywood core suitable for furniture builds

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Home depot has White Oak plywood but I questioned their pro core brand.  

Turns our that is an MDF core.  For the 1/4" back that should not be any trouble because the fasteners go thru material into solid wood.

The 3/4" thick is the base of the unit and it fits into dadoes on the sides and front stiles and has magentic catches mounted and has a peice of solid wood glued to the front.  Is the MDF core suitable for base of a display case.  I am worried about the rigidity and the strength when glued into dadoes?  Should I get veneer core 3/4" white oak plywood for the base?  I should mention the mdf core is supported all around including the back with screws called to attach the back.  Screws into MDF?  I am concerned about that also.

I think the design was using veneer core.



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Upon reviewing their literature the only MDF it the sheet directly under the veneer.  Knowing that the MDF would keep the veneer best because of the gluing surface the stability of MDF (without any water).  The core is wood and they said this is the best for holding screws.  But with the MDF being directly under the top slices with a captured install and a good top coat I think this stuff will work.  What do you all think?


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It looks to me like they are sneaking in more MDF, in fact these sheets will have more MDF than veneer core.  Looking at the end of the ad pic above makes you think it might only have a layer of MDF just under the face veneers.  Reading the description and looking at the side view of the ad pic shows that it is really Mdf-veneer-MDF-veneer-MDF.

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