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Something From First Monday Shopping

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He was just a guy that had a load of junk. Lots of folks from area towns as this has been going on for many years. Not near as big as Canton which is about 55 miles SE of Dallas. Lots of livestock, birds, fowl and anything else you can think of. I guess he had pulled some of the metal inserts out of the holes for the bolts to attach the legs and knew he had screwed up and I kinda encouraged the fact. 

You got to be real careful with your words and let them run their possessions down on their own...Just agree with them as they do it...I did ask him why he even brought something like that to try and sell knowing the shape it was in.. Then he mentioned something about needing money real bad.....Thats not the words to use when trying to sell something.... 

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16 hours ago, Smallpatch said:

Its not a true antique for it has metal brackets in the corners to bolt the legs to but hey it is real carving on everything and almost sure it is mahogany wood..Some one has put a paint and glaze on it to lighten it up but hey, no problem removing that and starting all over with a good finish...

This is good news Jess?  Last I heard you had lost some of your mojo to get out to the shop, maybe this will help you get it back?

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Cal thanks for bringing that up!!!! Don't know how this will play out with the legs and table...


Hopefully I will carry through with my thoughts at the sale for I could visualize great things I could do with those legs. I have had this picture for some time now and have been wanting to build this desk, maybe a little wider but with legs like that.....but for a guy who don't have a cnc that can do 3D just getting two legs to match is a chore. Oh I could cop out and refinish the table and put a slab of something on top but the desk would accomplish more of my want.....I have been thinking 1583629350_neatdesk.jpg.15655e035bd8745c0062c56e0f71c84b.jpg


with the legs probably three weeks would be removed off the time spent making the desk.

I have no measurements on the desk so each step would be the same as a tea pot

  I think this was the reason I laid the legs on top of the table saw so I would continue on those thoughts....More than likely after all the yard season is gone for the yard was partly the reason the motor home has not been on a trip for quite a while now.. Oh it stays plugged in all the time and I can hear it trying to crank up by its self. But hey, I'm smart so I leave the keys in the house...IMG_0768.thumb.JPG.b59d57107d5a04b906bdcb24d16d8a43.JPG

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Dave you caught me....I don't do things like every day normal people....I'm actually out of arrows and since I don't know how to use this little phone that my wife plugged in and laid on my desk about 15 years ago I can't just pick up the phone and order more arrows so I did the next best thing... I reinvented my bow to shoot screw drivers.... Being an Ex-Mac Tool person I happen to have lots of wood handle screw drivers laying around doing nothing....  And since I am still working on the mechanism to set the sights I find my screw drivers all over the place. The one you asked about didn't cause much problems like the one real close by for it went right through the helicopters gas tank. Sure glad it has been 25 years since I have flown those toys for there was not one drop of high octange fuel to explode.

  So if you don't mind why don't you go back and start mowing the yard again instead of making your wife doing it on the pretense of having a hang nail or something.


I just learned something the last couple of weeks.... We have chiggers...... Always had chiggers!! But someone suggested try coating your legs with Johnson's baby oil and see what happens.. And to keep mosquitoes away, rub Johnson's  on your face and arms and upper body... and for best results do that before you put your shirt on, I'm talking to you Dave!!!

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Gerald, our land slopes bad toward the lake...I built lots of terraces with rebar and concrete. Had to order much dirt to fill them up when I started all this the next week after buying this vacant land.

  No plans ever but I did for see this type of stuff all the way to the waters edge.......A knee replacement and the doctor saying you won't ever be where you can get down on your knees and work again ever....so the crawling around welding rebar up and tying stucco wire to it for the forms for the concrete just about came to a halt......

  This week I finally attached the base boards in the bathroom from the remodel back in 2010 and that doctor was right, for I still can not crawl around the floor like a person should do in those situations...

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For any pool or pond you need a way to filter the water or else it will get rancid in a short time.. While I was putting forms up I made a list of things I have to do to make things work good, like how will I drain the pond and how will I filter the water. It will have to have a filler pipe and a float to shut the water off and to keep the water at the same height all the time. Don't need an automatic chemical set up just the ole hand full is good enough here..


 I couldn't find anything store bought so I formed up a square box of concrete connected to the outside with one side of the pond about a foot wide and three inches lower so the water could flow in and out at the bottom of the tank through pvc to a swimming pool pump with a hair strainer attached before the water goes in to the pump..I built the one on the left in 2000 .. The filtering material is what Lowes has over their garden area and it last about 9 years for it has been changed twice and was just now getting small holes in a place or two... The frame is rusting  bad so the reason for a new frame. The one I just now built will have more area to trap more junk.  I am trying a better filtering material I bought about 30 years ago at an auction. Its nylon like the Lowes stuff but a tighter weave.IMG_0830.thumb.JPG.d61aea3beab34b59696362ee8ec28dc9.JPG

  This is upholstery material for outdoor furniture..

My advise, don't even think of building a fancy fish pond with those colorful fish with out including a filtering system even if your neighbors are a long ways off, they will be knocking on your door about the odors...We learned that lesson at the go-cart, mini golf attraction....

  I do back wash once a day and clean this catch all trap every other day which consist of more or less just turning it upside down then hosing it down from the outside in ..

   Maybe someone still having  a day job might not want to fool with ponds and waterfalls and things but being retired one does need something to....And people do like the sound of waterfalls..

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Some ideas that might help with ponds:  first aerate them (bubbler):  the oxygen kills or retards a whole buncha bacteria and slime.  Second:  pennies and dimes:  have to use the silver dimes!  The copper and silver ions also kill/disable a lot of bacterias (the different ions go after different bugs).  Scatter a few of each, and they last for years, ionizing the water.  Worth every penny and every dime!

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