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have to wait until next weekend on the Pine.   Decided to try and resaw some scraps into a fancy-schancy box...


Did NOT go well...got to the point I even tried this thing out..


Was too much like work.   Turns out the lower (drive) wheel on the bandsaw needs new bearings.....IF I can get the old ones out.  And IF I can even find the new ones...

Well, today, decided to clean the scraps up....with a #5 and a #4 plane..


Mix of Ash, Maple, Oak, and Cherry....had to build a jig to hold things still



had one more piece of Cherry..


Was a tad long. so it was cut into two roughly the same length halves, then a try at ripping them,  to see if a thin strip could be done..


Seems to be burning just one side of the cut?  I have some 1/4" panels I can put to use..


And a larger panel I can get a lid out of..


Have already ripped along the glue line....may turn the lighter one into a side panel?   I also swept the floor, again..


Well, the can WAS empty, before all this happened, today.  Closed up shop for the day, after I dug up the model number on the bandsaw


No. 113.27350.....Emerson built, 12" Craftsman Bandsaw.   NO...buying a new saw is NOT an option right now. 

Will see IF I can get the old bearings out, find out what they are, and find a place that sells them..locally. 


Maybe by the time the Pine gets here, I will be ready for it?

Stay tuned...

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