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Tgif: Three Things: Three Techniques for Brushing Varnish. Tuesday May 22, 2018

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As silly as this sounds, do you have a good technique for pouring the finish from the can into another container? Every time  do it I make such a mess with drips down the side and filling the can groove, I gave up trying. Right now my technique is to use a gravy ladle and spoon it out into the "use" container (btw, I never return that back to the original can, either). I've tried finding those pour spouts for one quart cans and cannot locate them, it seems they are only made for gallon cans. I tried cutting one down to fit a quart can and was semi-successful doing that. But so far dping that (pouring it out neatly) has eluded me for the most part.

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Usually, I dip it out with a paper cup.  I save all sorts of plastic containers from the kitchen (coleslaw containers, peanut butter jars, etc.) run them through the dishwasher and use for my "dispenser" to brush from.

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Keith, I like brushing the finish, wiping being my favorite, but during my quest to stay away from spraying, I like brushing, plus there is a nice peace I find while brushing a finish on. That being said, what are the max results one should expect from brushing? With proper techniques, is it fair to expect a fine smooth finish free of strokes?

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