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John Morris

The Mid West Tool Collectors Association "What's It" Project

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The Patriot Woodworker community is proud to bring to you the MWTCA "What's It" department of images related to hand tools and implements.

If you are not familiar with the MWTCA "What's It", please see the current page at https://mwtca.org/whats-its/

We are in cooperation with MWTCA to bring this fun event to you, on a quarterly basis as it is presented by MWTCA quarterly in their publication "The Gristmill". We contacted MWTCA and asked them if we could perpetuate the "What's It" here in our woodworking community in order to bring more awareness and appreciation in the area of hand tools and implements.



How it works

We will post the "What's It" as they become available through the MWTCA, usually on a monthly basis here in our community in the What's It Forum. Your job is to research the content of the image and tell us what it is, and prove your answer by references and sources and or patents. Answers will be submitted to the Mid West Tool Collectors Association for verification and approval or rejection.


The grand prize

See the current months "What's It"


Runner up prize

A one year (calendar year) membership to MWTCA and all of their benefits and publications. A 25 dollar value sponsored by The Patriot Woodworker.



  • This project is open to members of The Patriot Woodworker community only.
  • Sorry, but only members who live in the United States can participate. (Please don't be offended, out of country memberships cost more than our budget allows)
  • All (U.S.A.) members can participate, including our forum hosts and administrators.
  • If an accurate answer cannot be arrived at by the end of the current calendar month's project is posted, a random drawing will be held to include anyone who participated in that months "What's It". One winner will be chosen to receive a calendar year membership to MWTCA and all of it's wonderful benefits of membership.
  • Participants are only eligible to obtain one membership per year. (What would you do with two memberships?)
  • Participants can correctly answer, and reference the "What's It" and wind the Grand Prize multiple times.
  • Current "What's It" will be closed after an answer has been verified or rejected by the MWTCA.
  • The MWTCA only accepts a verified source to support your answer, so one should be submitted with your answer, such as a patent, catalog entry, tool book reference, or a respectable website on the subject. Do not let these requirements prevent you from having fun and submitting educated answers on the subject without verification, we can worry about references later. All answers are welcome, as well as healthy debates regarding "What's It".


Links of interest

Mid West Tool Collectors Association

MWTCA What's It page

Tools dealers featured at MWTCA

MWTCA Tool Meets

Donate to MWTCA

MWTCA Facebook page


In closing

The Patriot Woodworker's wish to thank MWTCA for their cooperation and spirit of sharing, learning, and preservation of our hand tools and implements for generations to come. Our wish is to spread awareness of MWTCA and all it stands for, and to help grow membership in the MWTCA through the "What's It" project here in The Patriot Woodworker community. Please spread the word, tell your friends, join us, and participate in the preservation of history.


I'd also like to wish a heartfelt thank you to the following folks for approving this action in our woodworking community.


MWTCA President, LeRoy Witzel

MWTCA Vice President of Membership, John Walkowiak

MWTCA Chairman of "What's It", Rob Hartman

MWTCA Treasurer, Vaughn Simmons


Thank you gents, and here's to a long productive future between us.



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Love those old tools, I'm getting more into hand tools. I've have a set of new chisels and a couple of Lie Nielson back saws and a few old staley bedrock planes that I still need to tune up. My next project will be a small jewelry box made totally by hand for my wife. Anyway I'm rambling, I love your new to you chisela.



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42 minutes ago, jimbotoc said:

John not yet, I just had neck surgery on Monday and I am recovering from that. My wife is sitting    Over there reading off houses available in Oregon. We're still looking I hope this is my last surgery and I can settle my case and move on.

I sure hope so Jim, you guys need to get up to Oregon and play in the mountains and trees and clean North Pacific, it's a retirement paradise waiting for you guys! 

Jim, we still have the Delta planer you donated to TPW for a disabled veteran to have, we are just waiting for the right case to come along. Hope you get better soon my friend!

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3 minutes ago, Ron Altier said:

Found a clearer picture. This is Stanley. I'll bet the one we are guessing at does the same function

I don't know Ron, I give ya kudos for the creativity in looking, but if you go to the topic for that item at

I sure have a hard time seeing it as you see it. We still have those pesky grooves in the middle of the handle. And what about that flattened area on the handles? Whatdaya think?

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7 hours ago, Ron Altier said:

I like this mystery of unknown tools.  However, I don't like seeing only one view of it. I want to see front, back and where possible the side view. Someone has the tool, I hope they can send more views. Are they trying to make more difficult?  More views would help

It's a great idea Ron, but unfortunately these images are sent to MWTCA by their members, and we do not have any control or input on that process. But ya, I completely know what you mean!

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3 hours ago, John Morris said:

It's a great idea Ron, but unfortunately these images are sent to MWTCA by their members, and we do not have any control or input on that process. But ya, I completely know what you mean!


I think there are times another view may reveal a patent number which can be traced.  Lately the patent numbers must not be there since there isn't an answer.

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