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John Morris

Operation Ward 57 Adopt a Wounded Warrior Family for the Holidays - 2015 (WINNERS ANNOUNCED!)

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Joe McGlaughlin (1).jpgWe are proud to announce that we have been selected to Adopt a Family for Christmas by Operation Ward 57. Let us introduce you to the father and Wounded Warrior of the family as pictured left, his name is Joe McGlaughlin, he served in Iraq for 18 months during his time in service from 2004 to 2014.
SGT. McGlaughlin received a Traumatic Brain Injury and hearing loss during a convoy mission when an Improvised Explosive Device was detonated by a convoy that was passing his convoy. Along with his physical injuries he is suffering from PTSD as well. Since his return to the civilian world SGT. McGlauphlin suffered a stroke, and to top it all off he fell 40ft and fractured his skull and broke his pelvis.
But, within all this chaos Joe is a family man, he has a wonderful wife with two sons and they are now our family. The Patriot Woodworkers are proud to show our thanks and appreciation for the service Mr. McGlaughlin provided our nation. And we want to show our appreciation by just simply giving. We also want to thank Operation Ward 57 for allowing us this opportunity to pay it back.

Donate cash to the cause and you are entered into our tool giveaway. 100 percent of the proceeds will be used to purchase gift cards for our family at the following locations.


  • Stater Brothers for a Christmas meal
  • Amazon.com for the boys Christmas gifts
  • Walmart for mama, she loves shopping there
  • And yet to be determined, a gift card from any Rock Shop for dad, he is a rock hound and he loves polishing rocks

If you would like to just simply give without being entered into our big tool giveaway, please contact us at community@thepatriotwoodworker.com for kids clothing sizes, shoe sizes, and a detailed wish list from the two boys.
This is our chance to show our appreciation for a great family, who both served and sacrificed much in the way of their own physical well being and mental stress by having loved ones deployed to the combat zone. This is what we do best Patriot Woodworkers, it's time to put our gloves on and get to work! 
Thank you all so much in advance for caring, you are the best!

Please view below the big giveaway details.

1 Entry into the draw for a $2.00 donation
3 Entries into the draw for a $5.00 donation
7 Entries into the draw for a $10.00 donation
15 Entries into the draw for a $20.00 donation

Your donation entries will be confirmed within one day of submission. 
The drawing will be held on December 19th and the winners will be notified via email and newsletter.
Please view the fantastic inventory up for grabs below as donated by our supporters, Laguna Tools, Bessey Tools, Woodcraft, Easy Wood and Pony Tools.

Woodcraft Supply

1 Winner will receive: Crown Nosing Plane $99.00 (RON DUDELSTON)

1 Winner will receive: Lynx 8" Crosscut Tenon Saw $134.99 (ALFRED TICKELL)


Laguna Tools 

1 Winner will receive: Resaw King Blade Value $150.00 - $300.00 (depending on size of bandsaw) Maximum size of 175 inches (JOSEPH MORDENTE)

1 Winner will receive: Set of 5 bandsaw blades (Value $125.00) (KEN MARTINEZ)

An awesome Laguna Tools Golf Shirt will also be shipped to each winner!


Bessey Tools of North America Package

1 Winner will receive this complete Package: (JAMIE GUERRERO)

2 x KR3.524 (24” K-Body REVO) Bar Clamps

2 x KR3.540 (40” K-body REVO) Bar Clamps

2 x KBX20  (K-Body Extenders)

Total Bessey Package worth $220.00


Easy Wood Tools’ package:

1 Winner will receive this complete package: (KEVIN WELLS)

(1) – Mid-Size Easy Rougher

(1) – Mid-Size Easy Finisher

(1) – Mid-Size Easy Detailer

Total Easy Wood Tools Package worth $359.97


Pony Tools’ package:

1 Winner will receive this complete package: (GEORGE KNUTSON)

(2) – Jorgensen 36" Heavy Duty Steel Bar Clamp

(2) – Jorgensen 24" Heavy Duty Steel Bar Clamp

(2) – Jorgensen 36" Medium Duty Steel Bar Clamp

(2) – Jorgensen 24" Medium Duty Steel Bar Clamp

(2) – Jorgensen E-Z HOLD 6" Medium Duty/Spreader Clamp-EXPANDABLE

(2) – Jorgensen E-Z HOLD 12" Medium Duty/Spreader Clamp-EXPANDABLE

(2) – Jorgensen E-Z HOLD 18" Medium Duty/Spreader Clamp-EXPANDABLE

(2) – Jorgensen E-Z HOLD 4" Hobby/Craft Clamp

(2) – Jorgensen E-Z HOLD 6" Light Duty Clamp

Total Pony Tools Package worth $407.12


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Congratulations to our winners! Please send me your shipping information by clicking on my profile image and message your information to me. Congratulations, and thank you for your support.

We cannot thank you enough for your support, we raised a whopping $699.75!!! Way to go Patriot Woodworkers and Friends!

And we must thank our sponsors Laguna Tools, Woodcraft, Bessey Tools and Easy Wood-Pony Tools for their generous contributions to our Adopt a Family project. For without them we could not do most of what we do as a woodworking community. Our sponsors support our veterans and active duty alike on many fronts, we are proud to call them a part of our team. 

I'd like to invite winners and everyone to drop a word of support here for our Adopt a Family Joe McGlaughlin and his wife and kids. May God Bless our adopted family and shine down on their Christmas.

Merry Christmas!



A note on funds distribution: On December 15th $600.00 was distributed to the McGlauphlin Family in order to give them a head start on shopping for their Christmas, the remainder of $99.75 will be distributed on December 21st to the McGlauphlin's.


Hey big winners, if you think about it, please shoot us a picture of you and your big win! We can post them here or you can login and post them yourself!

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Congratulations to all of the winners and thanks for your support!!



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Congrats to all who had their names drawn for the prizes.  Thanks to the generosity of all the TPW folks out there, the biggest winner is the McGlaughlin family.  Merry Christmas to one and all!

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