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Part 9- Finishing Up



Better add some sort of dust collection to this thing before I do anymore testing!

This is what the finished “hood” looks like-

(in place,top view, underside)








Had the ½” plywood from another project. This is just a simple box. I wanted some way to hold it in place and be able to remove it without tools. Made two brackets from 1” aluminum angle “iron” to catch one side and some button magnets for the other side. Dust collection is a 2 ½” angled port that connects into the collection system.

(catches, catch close up, magnets)






The box sits on the frame and slides into place. The hold down is a large head screw.

(catch open, catch in place, catch hold down)








Had to buy a few more magnets and the dust collection port.


Here is a list of most of the references I investigated during the planning and build of the sander. Not sure how many of the places are still available.


http://www.rockslide.org/drum sander.html







When I posted this before, there were request to see it in operation. Here's a very short video with natural sound.


I learned that it isn't too difficult to get ripple free surfaces. The trick is to maintain a constant feed rate (not like in the video) and I made some push sticks to allow the pieces to be fed completely past the drum head.


Well, that’s pretty much it! Thanks for wading through my ramblings. If you have any questions, suggestion, criticisms, or need information, just let me know. Also, if you know of some other neat sites for building these, please add them to the comments to help anyone else get some ideas.







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