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Part #1 The Starting Concept



While I was building the humidor, a friend mentioned he had acquired a shotgun. He wanted a protective case but not the typical soft sided type. 


We measured his gun and calculated what size the case it would take. Not too large but enough room for a couple of accessories.

Using Sketchup, we eventually came up with an appropriate design.


While he hadn't decided on the hardware, I now had enough information to begin working. The box is solid walnut with inside dimensions of 10" x 32" x 3 1/8". All stock is 1/2" thick. The top has a raised panel. The interior will be filled with FastCap Kiazen Liner.

There was enough walnut left from the humidor to make all the necessary pieces, with the exception of the bottom. The bottom is actually two thinner panels glued together. The design of the bottom installation hides the seam.




My friend wanted the sides/ends joined with dovetails. The bottom and top will set in dadoes. 

In the next part- layout and cutting dovetails.

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