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Wood Carving

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Image Uploading Suggestions

We appreciate your help in keeping our image gallery orderly and easy for others to research.

Please consider these suggestions while uploading your images.


  • Name your images before uploading to our gallery, the generic camera file names just look so messy. "Walnut Desk" looks so much better than "DSC19467je69.jpg". You can also name your images after you upload them to our gallery for your convenience.
  • After uploading your images, please consider adding a description so your viewers know what they are seeing and the wood used, the tools used, or even your inspiration for building the project.
  • Please consider tagging your images so our members and guests will be able to successfully search for your image and related images. Tags can be inserted into the "Tags" field. An example of tags and their names should be related to your project. If your project images are of a Walnut Desk with dovetail joinery, than tag the image with "Walnut", "Desk", "Dovetail" etc.


Thank you for your cooperation. :)

The Management

Show off all wood carving related images in this album.


  1. Spoon Carving Updated

    I have taken an interest in green woodworking lately, and among many other facets of woodworking, and I am trying my hand at carving spoons, join me in the fun!
    John Morris
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    John Morris Updated
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  2. Comfort Birds Updated

    Comfort Birds were first carved by Frank Foust in 1982.  Since then woodcarvers all over the world have joined in and together with my woodcarving friends in the Capital District of Upstate NY we have given away hundreds of these little birds to groups like Hospice and Stride Adaptive Sports as well as to shelters for battered women and homeless vets.  They function like a worry stone and are a powerful stress reliever.  For more info, google Comfort Birds and you'll find an article titled "A Bird in the Hand" from Woodcarving Illustrated about Frank and his flock.
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    Jiggy Updated
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