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Router table / cabinet drawer mounted

Router table / cabinet drawer mounted
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Like many I have a router on the one wing of the TS.  And yes it gets in the way sometimes but for larger work it works well.  Having been given a Bosch 1604 I saw opportunity in the form of a mini router table.  Scanning the shop I found a nice place to stow it away, in the form of a drawer.  Lost 3 small drawers but they were only 9 inches wide smaller stuff I can displace, albeit remembering where I did so may be an issue.


To make the router lift I am using a small Lab Scissor lift.  About 4 inch square with more than enough lift for this task.  Put in drawer slides to guide the router assembly smoothly up and down.  Had to run a 1/4 threaded rod through the front to lock the sled in place after setting the height with the lower adjustment wheel.  While I know 4 inch DC ports and systems are all the rage my shop has 2 1/2 and it works, not going to go through a major refrb at this time.  So the port is for a DC hose but inverted as the side of the drawer has 1/2 clearance so nothing can stick out.


For mechanical locks I am using 3/16” steel bars drop down in place once pulled out. To unlock push both up and push the drawer back. Simple but it works well.


Special thanks to Stick486 for very helpful advice on both dust collection as well as motor ventilation.


Others whose comments, encouragement, and advice were helpful:


Gerald, Grandpadave52, hawkeye10, Artie, FIGatorwood, Smallpatch and Cal.


For those working on projects no matter how complicated, post a work in progress. Amazing what tips you can get as well as encouragement from this group. Alot of cumulative experience to be had. I doubt this would have come out as well as it did were it not for the advice I got right here.


Shout out to steven newman, he got me started doing work in progress posts as well as getting me to come to Patriot Woodworker!


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