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John Morris

The Click Rule, Great for Woodworkers, and the Visually Impaired

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Our good friend and veteran Mark Wilson sent in an image of a wonderful shop aid that he received from the fine folks at Hines VA Center For the Blind gave him, it's a click rule. And it is a wonderful measuring device that is used widely in the shops of the visually impaired, the measuring uses are endless with this handy little device and the construction, fit and finish appear to be top quality.

See image below


If you look at it, it is a very robust and strong story stick. Seems like it would make a great addition to anyone shop whether you are visually impaired or not.



Here is a quote from Mark Wilson below.
"I thought maybe you and the guys might be interested in the click rule. The Hines Blind Center has given me them to help me measure. They are also handy to set router bit height and move the fence on the router table quickly in increments of 1/16" or more.
Also good on table saw setting fence but always remember if you measure from outside of blade add a 1/8" for kerf. Here's a website were they sell it but you maybe able to find it else where." Mark Wilson



Thank you Mark!!!! Great heads up man!

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