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Whole-house generators

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I'm going to throw a question out there with the hope of getting some "hands-on" experience. Our power outages seem to be getting more common and much longer-lasting, and as we... shall I say... MATURE... these interruptions are getting more and more annoying. Long story short, we're planning on getting a backup generator. I just spoke to a local installer, and was informed that a 200 amp interface for Generac wouldn't be available until January 2023! Briggs and Stratton, on the other hand, could be had in about four weeks. So my question: Have any of you had any experience with either of these brands, or any other for that matter?

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No personal experience as a "stand by unit" John as my generator is a portable, 5500w, 6500w peak. I have yet to install a manual transfer switch/ breaker panel. I just have a 30 Amp plug tied into the the house feed side of my 200 Amp main disconnect box. Throw the switch there first to prevent back-feed, then flip main box breakers off except for essential (heat, well pump, refrigerator). It was acceptable at the time.


However in your case assume you're looking for more kw and permanent install? Anyone in your area sell Kohler gensets? Not sure if Onan is still in that business as well. Also, you might check with an area Caterpillar or John Deere dealer; both do offer residential stand-by options.

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I should have mentioned above, Generac makes about 90% (I'm told) of the residential stand-by generators so they are always a safe buy when you think of long term parts/whatnot. They also make their own engines, engineered specifically for stand-by genny use...so despite my misgivings with the valve lifters, they are probably as good as it gets. Lastly, the electronics package (again, I'm told) comes from Honeywell, which is a giant in it's field on it's own....and the Generators sold under the Honeywell name (which is actually what I have) are re-labeled Generac. When you look uner the cover of mine all you see is the Generac name on everything.

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In the mountains, we had a 65KW Generac for around 15 years. Saved our bacon....and other things...our well and water pumps were electric, as well as the house lights and outlets, propane fired furnace's motor and, the propane range ,wouldn't light without electricity.  

Our electrical service was really bad. Wind, cold weather, rain, heck, cloudy days, often left us high and dry. Sometimes, for no discernable reason, we'd lose power. 

Now, down here, we've had no problems, thank goodness. 

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